Nmom peaked in high school. It’s still her biggest “brag” at 49.

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  2. Hahaha oh my god! I’ve actually read so many stories like that, and genuinely I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.. which is why she will not be invited. And she will never find me after I’m a legal adult.

  3. Mine peaked in her earlier/mid 20s and I think she lives there mentally. Same as yours, talks about people, how liked by people she was, how jealous other girls were and things she did that she can boast about (don’t get me wrong, she did some cool stuff) but she never moved on.

  4. Sad. Pathetic. Don’t be like her. Ugh! I’m sorry you have to deal w/ your wanna-be-young mom. I had one of those too. It sucks when your mom is jealous of you. It hurts the heart, but it also teaches you to emotionally protect yourself from people like that.

  5. I’ve always felt so bad for people who peaked in HS…it’s 4 years when everyone is awkward and annoying, so what did you really ‘win’?

  6. Yeah my mom did something similar. She had this story about how she won this debate and it's like her crowning moment. She really talked badly about the girl she was against but I doubt she was bad. Whenever she talks badly about someone I can never seem to actually see what she's talking about..

  7. Lord. My mom went through something similar, into her early 20’s. She’s mid 60’s now and still has a lot of the same high school friends and she gets stuck on high school shit and trying to recreate those days. Like move the hell on.

  8. I was successful in highschool and I think 0 people give a damn. I saw some of my classmates had websites, and I just saw what they were up to, they had HS awards listed from 20 years ago. I literally started laughing, they hadn’t done anything worth a damn since? Completely pathetic like your nmom.

  9. Does she still look as good as she claimed mine brags about her peak at 15 for me I peaked at 21 took all the attention away from her she’s older than me 24 she’s just some random person I went to school with that Nobody gives to shits about

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