How do I help my siblings after I go NC?

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  2. The rational answer is that you are responsible only for yourself. It is typical for children of narcs to take on responsibilities that are not theirs. You have gone your way and manage to go NC, and your siblings may eventually go that way too - in their own way. You are helping them by being a role model and taking that step. You can help them by showing that it is possible (realizing that is already a huge step that they don't have to take themselves), being there for them and supporting them.

  3. Well they were actually really supportive of my decision. They also told me that they really wanted to join me in leaving our Nparents.

  4. They actually also agreed with everything I had to say about our parents. That they were manipulative, controlling, emotionally abusive, etc. They said they’ve been struggling just as I have, but didn’t know how to talk about it

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