Greg Fishel's got a weather Patreon - Has anyone joined yet?

  1. I joined! Fun to hear him talk about weather again. He always brings science into it, which I find interesting. I sprung for the extra two dollars a month to get the educational videos. So far so good!

  2. I joined and have no regrets. He's getting familiar with green screens and other AV tech. So it's a work in progress. But, IMO, there's no beating the experience with central NC weather and all its idiosyncrasies. And there's no editorial pressure or producer to answer to.

  3. Same, I joined and have been enjoying it. The weather since he started has been pretty boring but once we start getting into hurricanes and snow events it will be 100% worth the $3/5 a month to hear him explain what's going on.

  4. He has always been the most reliable when it comes to weather around here. When it comes to winter storms, wral and abc11 will talk it up like it's the storm of the century with 24/7 coverage. They will have you out buying generators and stocking up for a 5 day snow in without power.

  5. He really is. He's not sensationalistic and has been in the area enough he knows the weather quirks around here. He's got a love for weather and science that I do appreciate.

  6. It’s also puzzling that anyone who has lived in this area for more than a handful of years believes that weather forecasting is useful here. More of a running joke than a forecast

  7. Saw him last week at Athens band camp and he said he was really enjoying it and had a good number of subscribers. Best of luck to him.

  8. Im kind of tempted. His weather forecasts have been spot on and since he doesn’t need ratings no scare tactics. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet though

  9. Good ole fish. I remember shutting down sammys with. Him. He would always walk in around 1:30 from the station and order 1, maybe 2 drinks. Played pool, always told us the weather for tomorrow. Awesome guy. I might pay for his weather forecasts...

  10. My sister-in-law had Greg Fishel as a Lyft driver in Palm Beach when she went to a bachelorette party down there during his "hiatus" from the triangle. Was the weirdest thing ever to hear.

  11. I grew up with my parents tuning in for the weather every day and he'd be on there. Thanks for sharing, I've subbed mostly for nostalgia... Just watched his broadcast today and brought me right back to my childhood. I also now feel very informed about the weather! I usually don't ever know what's going on

  12. The general consensus is that he had some mental health/addiction issues that were impairing his performance. He took a fairly long LOA for treatment, but wasn't adjusting well to the return to work. No one, WRAL or Greg himself, have confirmed.

  13. We'll never know for sure, word on the street and rumors from people i know who have met him say that he was a generally unstable person and had a fairly serious drinking problem.

  14. I think I might know, but the fact that no one else has said anything about it here makes me want to keep my mouth shut 🤐 sorry

  15. From what i've pieced together from past reddit posts it was nothing "horrible" he did to anyone else, but certainly something a large local affiliate wouldn't want a face of their network doing. Then again look at David Crabtree who certainly isn't the good Christian he portrays himself as.

  16. If he could give me better information about whether or not it was going to rain and where, I would pay his highest Patreon amount. The current weather people on WRAL get me rained on far too often.

  17. Given his long standing reputation as a meteorologist I was surprised no other station in the area hired him after he left WRAL.

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