My new(to me) 2017 Ram Outdoorsman! Accessories suggestions?

  1. Just load 'er right up then! Hahah yeah I definitely was feeling a level was necessary, never even thought of a ranch hand but now I'm into the idea for sure.

  2. Can't decide if I want a full tonneau cover or the toolbox cover combo, has anyone used a toolbox cover combo and how was it? Also would a headache rack look alright on this truck? I'm an engineering technologist and I do tons of fieldwork and I enjoy having the toolbox and headache on my rentals I just want opinions on if it will look good with this truck πŸ˜…

  3. They really did. I've been an avid ram lover for so long and I'm horrified to say the newest body style isn't doing it for me 😬

  4. I'm so excited about it, I'm upgrading from a 2006 lincoln mark lt that was on its last stand so it'll be nice to have a little power!

  5. It does! Unfortunately front windows aren't allowed to be tinted where I am, or they can but it's gotta super light and not worth the hassle of being pulled over and issued checks all the time. :(

  6. With fuel at $1.70 a litre my poor wallet hahaha. I'm thinking of getting bigger wheels at some point but for the time being I don't mind the ones that're on there until the treads wear out

  7. Mmmmmm CONGRATS OP!!! Super sweet truck!!! I bought mine used in 2019 and I just love it more and more every day. I gotta get mine detailed though after seeing yours!!

  8. Thank you! I sure does look pretty doesn't it, I think the dealership was very strategic in the photo taking process as it does have two small dents you can't see πŸ˜… I intend to have them fixed though.

  9. Since your has air suspension I think it’s different. I did see a post where someone was successful but they had to make some adjustments. Enjoy

  10. Hard shell tonneau cover..looks better, improves fuel economy on highway, prevents snow from building up in the winter in the bed, and keeps ur supplies safe!

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