Mama dog is confused why her puppies won't play with her ball

  1. You spend such short time teaching them to talk and walk, and such long long time learning them to sit down, and be quiet.

  2. "I just know...this is my favorite ball. And I know its a different generation, but I thought...I just thought it was something we could share..."

  3. Reminds me of being 2 years old, and being SO upset that my newborn baby brother wouldn’t play with me!! I just cried and cried, lol

  4. A new game I’ve decided to play; is this actually sad enough that it makes sense to be crying, or is my period just starting soon?

  5. She knows they'll never get out of their ruff neighborhood if one of them doesn't learn to play ball

  6. Anyone know what breed that is? My dog looks a lot like that and I’m trying to figure out what breed/breeds it is.

  7. Man, that mama is gonna be so psyched when they can all play with her. She's gonna be an awesome mum. I really hope we see a sequel on

  8. Sweet God, knock that off. There are paid actors who can't emote to that degree, and there's nothing I can do here.

  9. I think I understand Son of Sam. If mama dog told me to put my hand in a blender and made that face, I’d be the next Captain Hook. Murder spree? No problem.

  10. This! THIS is what the internet is for! If only the rest of the Internet were as pure. Love this lady and her babies so so much!

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