Is Benzema better than Messi when it comes to the hardest league in the world?

  1. This post had me dying. Like alright we all love Benz and he’s been amazing. But this type of silly comparison is just gonna attract hate to Benz and diminish the narrative around how amazing he is in reality

  2. Messi is overrated (and so is Guardiola), Xavi and Iniesta are severely underrated. And Messi choking real hard on UCL doesn't make him any favors.

  3. I was warned of kids running around this forum. I guess I should have listened. Keep the echo chamber going my dude.

  4. Stop kidding yourself bro, He doesn't come close to Messi. If Messi retired at 25 he would have still been better than Benzema. Benzema can be compared to Lewandowski, Brazilian Ronaldo, Suárez, Thierry Henry, Neymar but not Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona

  5. Feel like Messi and Ronaldo Pele and maradona are S tier untouchable but players like Zidane, Ronaldinho and Cruyff were A tier, then you have B tier just a bit below them players like Henry Benzema and Suarez imo

  6. I hate messi and i fucking love karim, but this is ridiculous. You should feel embarrassed for such a horrible take

  7. You're the same guy from that other thread. Listen kid, when adults talk, they can have different opinions. No need to make emotionally charged statements or attack the other person.

  8. If Benzema was this good all his career, scoring 50 goals every year, then you may put him in the conversation productivity and impact-wise. But to all new fans out there, Benzema wasn't this good. He was benched for Higuain at one point, but he aged like wine.

  9. I don't know man,I have been following RM since 2006 really. Ian Darke at ESPN just said Benzema now has that quality that Messi had in that he can change games.

  10. No. This year is the first one where karim scored more than 10 goals in the champions league. Messi has done so multiple times, he is one of the most consistent performer in the ucl over the last decade, alongside Ronaldo. Benzema doesnt come close, but the same could apply to Lewandowski, or Suarez. Messi and Ronaldo are on a league of their own.

  11. did you really just put Benzema, the third highest goal scorer in UCL history in the same category as Suarez who has around 27 goals?

  12. Dude we get it that you're happy but are you effing serious? You're gonna compare Messi and Benzema and say that Benzema is better? Oh my days!

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