Don't know why I bother to keep applying. I have 35 years exp in my field and I'm 59. Have applied for hundreds of jobs and if I get an interview they see the gray hair and it's done. Even if I just put down my experience for this century it's still too much. Feh.

  1. Can I ask what level you were hired in at at a Big 4? I assume they didn’t hire the two of you in as analysts or associates. Tends to work the opposite way, people usually exit consulting in their early 30s into a cushy industry job with much better work/life balance, though i have seen a couple of instance where people went into consulting at one of the large firms in their 40s.

  2. Forget consulting. I have done that for years (need to do it while working my day job to put the kids through school - love 'em but it's hard) and it's a pain in the ass having to look for new jobs all the time. It's better that folks like you and your boss get leadership roles and push out the younger kids who think that it's okay to discriminate.

  3. Good to know I only have unemployment to look forward to as a 25 year old. That is, on top of the 3 years I've already been unemployed out of college

  4. This is why I switched from wedding and portrait photography to focusing on commercial photography when I was approaching 40. Now in my 50s, and young photographers have very little interest in commercial photography, so the competition is low

  5. I am 60, and am on the job 1.5y. Was hard but in the end, good relationship with my old boss ended up the ticket to get a job.

  6. I feel for you my friend. I'm the same age, same amount of experience in my career path and often, I'll get positive comments on the fact that in the past 22 years, I've only been with two companies. Then the first in-person or video interview..."I'm sorry, we decided to go with another candidate"

  7. Have you tried solar sales? I’m a manager and I loooove hiring people in this/your socio-demograohic…. no young whipper snapper could ever beat your network! This could be particular to my company but even retirees pull weight, it’s based on your own ambition and drive, so no one’s telling you, you can’t do anything.

  8. Omg, I just had this happen to me, I asked if there were any barriers to me being hired during an interview and was told that working for the same company for as long as I have makes me a less desirable candidate. What the hell? I have literally climbed the ladder at this place, and hit a ceiling, and now that is crippling me.

  9. I'm 61 - laid off four years ago, out of work 14 months, worked as a manager on the 2020 Census for almost a year, then landed a contract position in my field. After almost 2 years there, and hundreds of applications, I started getting a flurry of interviews last summer/fall. I landed a full time, permanent position, started a month ago - good pay, great benefits, fully remote. Between the time I got that offer and starting the job, two other positions I applied to came back with offers.

  10. Mid 40s and laid off during Covid. Couldn't get responses. Had a friend who is a resume writer update it for me. Now I get lots of initial calls and interest, but once you get the zoom interview and they see my age that's pretty much the end of the line.

  11. Mid 40s here working in tech. I'm a dinosaur by tech standards, but still have 20 years to go. Its not looking to good to be honest. The older you get, the more you need benefits, pension/401k, etc. Even big companies are getting this way. Age discrimination is rampant.

  12. I'm mid-40s and started with my current company 13 years ago with every intention of moving up the ladder. Turns out, this company promotes no one from within. I tried to get out after 4 years and did the whole send out 100 resumes, get 2 interviews and 0 offers. I'm a senior level analyst, so at this point who's going to pay what I'm making when they can get someone 20 years younger at a fraction of the cost? I've resigned myself to spending the end of my career in retail if I ever get laid off. This is not at all how I thought my career was going to go.

  13. Age discrimination in the tech field is so scary. In other professions you are rewarded for your experience and dedication to your craft. Not in tech.

  14. Similar age - I sometimes leave off the dates of my education and have started to just include jobs from the last 10 years. Having a non-white name isn't helping me either. Also have recent experience in IT Operations and a couple of cybersecurity certs and not getting call-backs from the companies that cry out to the press they need cyber talent.

  15. I’m in my late fifties. Have not been happy with my current company for the five years I’ve been here. I’m in a highly desirable field in IT. Have tried off and on again to leave for another company but it’s getting nearly impossible. First I’ve chopped almost 20 years off my resume and I think it’s still to much and they think I’m too senior. Even those that call for an interview I rarely get past because they see grey hair and it’s ghost time. In my 20s and into my forties I did a fair amount of job hopping but it really is different now. Between my wife and I we can probably retire in about 5-7 years and I’ll just stick it out but I’ve applied to over a hundred jobs in the past couple years and it’s miserable. There really isn’t an IT hiring problem

  16. I wrote my Ph.D on how employers’ attitudes about the work related characteristics based on age influence recruitment decisions.

  17. Ugh. I hear that. I got a really good job in tech - thru a placement agency. Its an 18 month remote contract. So they really don’t know how old i am. I use a ring light for video calls, and never, ever, EVER talk about my 19-year old in any of their “social” video calls and i try to stay super fast and productive.

  18. I had been wanting to change professions. Things became very stagnant. I've since found something within the same field I very much enjoy while being compensated fairly.

  19. Try the public sector. Bigger org the better (large city, large Uni, State). They are likely to have an EEOC department that is very strict about age discrimination. Pay sucks but a lot of them still have a real pension.

  20. What field are you in? I'm turning 50 this year and work in software engineering. This is my fear as well.

  21. Was a journalist for 25 years, corporate writing -- mar com, content management, white papers, B2B. Lots of experience in infosec, finance, marketing.

  22. if we insist on being ageist assholes, we need to lower the Medicare eligibility age so people can actually retire early. I mean, if someone gets laid off at age 60, they cant even fully retire until age 65 (or 67 now?) so this ageism shit needs to end.

  23. Agree. And if this trend continues as I see it is, well, on top of get accessing medicare at 55, gov would need to cover mental health support at 50. We are a lot, competition is tough, while the vast experience built in the past decades risk to get lost easily. A young student-startuper can do that because someone before him built some solid basements to "support" his future/istic startup. They tend to abuse the words "Boomers", "Oldie", "Dinos", etc... there should be more respect. The fact that someone at 60 is not President or CEO is NORMAL, WHAT TO ME IS NOT NORMAL BEING A EVP AT 19. Simply Is not. Simply can't be.

  24. Tried government Compusec? Two of my very best contract staff are over 60, outstanding team members, and are OFTEN asked for “advice” from the younger team members. I’d love to have you (with that background) if you knew the tools we use. I don’t care how old you are - I care how good you are.

  25. I'm a Linux sysadmin with over 20 years experience, and it's my second career. I got laid off in 2020 due to covid. It took me a year to find a gig, writing Jenkins groovy scripts, which they call "DevOps" but is just a warmed over build engineer.

  26. I'm not in that age bracket quite yet, but I only put the last 15 or so years under "Work Experience" and filed the rest under an "Early Career" heading. I left the year I graduated off.

  27. i am not 50 yet experienced. i have been asked if i live in a retirement home and about the internet connection speed at a senior living home. no grey hair, no facial hair, appear to be in my 30's.... just based off the mandatory "college graduation" date part of the application.

  28. I HATE the graduation date part! I intentionally leave it off of my resume but then yep, its required on the actual app. I completed a job application for a state job and it had a age bracket question and I realized that I'm gonna get into possible discrimination with questions like that too

  29. Shave your head. Don't let them see the grey. People are assholes, there's no avoiding that to any great extent. Work past it. Then, when you get the job, grow it all back and then some. Go full hippy, get it to three feet long and put it in a ponytail.

  30. 58 years old - can confirm. Senior Graphic Design Specialist - laid off in 2020 due to Covid along with 40 others in marketing. I felt I was just hitting my peak, too. The company went on to make record profits during the past two years AND sold to an investment firm. Whatever - that's the past.

  31. I'm a few years younger than you, was also a senior designer, I struggled in recruiting hell for a number of years which forced me to sell my home and move in with my mom in 2014. After finally getting hired and then abruptly laid off not once but twice (2nd time was in Jan 2020) I've thrown in the towel on corporate America. Instead I'm working on my Etsy store (made $3K over the Xmas months) while helping my mom out wherever she needs it (and I was pretty shocked when I first moved in to see how much help she needs, funny how things in life can work out). I'm also planning to apply for a role at one of my local libraries, not a librarian role which requires a library science degree but as a general "assistant" (qualifications are pretty minimal). I've found libraries are one of the few places that are less hostile to "older" applicants. I figure at least it'll get me out of the house and meet people.

  32. I have observed bias against older people for sure in my field. I think like that comment no you shouldn’t have to adjust for the biases of the hiring manager but here are some concerns my managers have expressed while we are interviewing:

  33. They don't want to pay you for your experience or credentials. The desire for well written, critical, informed writing is at an all time low in demand despite an all time high cultural need. Today, the only people they want to pay as much as you're worth are the managerial whip crackers who went to college with the regional lead and produce zero content. What they want are desperate, semi-qualified journeyman who they can underpay and promise advancement if they allow themselves to be molded to the job then overworked.

  34. Don't despair! I am in my 20's and all of the jobs that I interviewed for and thought I would get ended up going to people with grey hair and loads of experience.

  35. Have you thought about dying your hair? I have seen personally seen women treated differently at work when they have their natural hair vs dyed hair

  36. Think about a spending a few bucks at a nice hair salon to cover the roots and some subtle highlights to make it appear natural. An eyebrow brush will add definition if you want to hide the gray there.

  37. I am sure the competition is really difficult in that field - there are gobs of jobs open but hardly any for writers - especially full-time "regular" jobs. I think I saw somewhere that you've been freelancing, and that seems to be where the "writing" jobs are. Companies don't tend to value communications to assign a team - they just task those who are decently literate with assembling communications, it seems.

  38. Brother, I know exactly how you feel. I was a GM for a big box retail store for over 19 years, before that, I was the GM at another big box store for 16 years. A new DM came into the district and the old managers started to be let go. Within a year every GM in the district was gone except two, most all had over 15 years with the company. Then I started getting written up for the most ridiculous things, the rumors were I was next and I was, 57 years old and unemployed. I was shocked and couldn't believe after all I've done for the company they would do this to ME.

  39. It doesn't help when you show up with grey hair and they can clearly clock a certain age they don't want. Worse is if you are actually asking what you are worth compared to someone with less experience and worth or able to live on much less for various reasons.

  40. Ageism is a massive fucking problem considering it exists as a way to keep people way from retirement. You will struggle to find work from 50 o. The way to your 60s and by the time you get to 60 its over. Nobody will hire you no mater how good you are or how needed your talents are.

  41. My dad is having the same problem. He’s been doing overseas contract work for most of the last ten years, but decided to stay stateside after my mom passed last year. He’s been job hunting since September of last year, but as soon as they puzzle out how old he is (early 60s) they ghost him, or string him along and hope that he’ll eventually bow out. One place had him do something like six interviews, even flew him out to do an in-person interview. After a 5+ week process they eventually went with someone else. I think at this point he’s given up, and it makes me sad, because now more than ever he needs some reason to get up in the morning, and things to do to keep himself occupied.

  42. Very difficult being over 40 and job hunting. My husband is 60 with 30 years in his field and cannot get a job even as a security guard! He's had interviews and then nothing. He isn't even asking for ridiculous money! No one cares about ageism in the woke culture. Over 40 are expendable. The only good news is THEY will all be here someday soon and karma will find them.

  43. Your situation sounds close to mine. I freelanced/worked for myself for 14 years. I'm also in my 50s. Here's what helped me:

  44. Well, just for suffering through the same shit as us young people who grew up post 2015 have had to put up with, you're my favourite boomer.

  45. Thank you. I really know how screwed you young people are. From college tuition to housing to jobs to cost of living, I know how much easier it was when I was in my 20s-30s.

  46. Dye your hair, seriously it works, just go back to your normal color and remove all dates from your resume, Good luck

  47. I'm 23 and this is why I'm not going into the sector despite it being my degree. No one values working and writing ability. Good luck, OP!!

  48. This entire thread is really satisfying to see all these older people get shafted by companies who absolutely don't give a shit and who don't value loyalty. All of my life I was told "oh yeah just get in good with one company and they'll go to bat for ya, don't worry!" And then the company DIDN'T. I should say companies.

  49. Yupp had my instructor tell me a this a few months ago, "he said man it gets so hard after the age of 45 to find a job". Ask him why and he said once companies see that your older they turn the eye and have you on the backburner doesn't matter how much experience you got. Couldn't believe it, and now I'm seeing it, it's absurd and it's because the older people know what their worth and most companies are afraid they can't afford you and your not to be toyed around easily. Plus the older you are means more doctor visits or sometimes more days off, which in terms isn't good for the company and they wouldnt want you racking up the benefits they supplying you because you know corporate greed.

  50. I remember when I got my first office job as a receptionist, and they were looking for someone to add to one of the departments. An older gentleman came in for an interview and he had years of experience. The person hiring said out loud to the office after the gentleman had left that he would not be hired because he was too old for the position. It left a very sour taste in my mouth. I can't imagine that man's difficulties in securing a job simply due to his age. I cried in my car on the way home thinking about it.

  51. My step-dad is going through the same thing, it's so frustrating. He's literally a brilliant physicists and has like 25 years of engineering experience, but nope. I hate hearing people whine about not being able to hire people and then not hiring people. It's so odd.

  52. Companies don't want you because you already know everything so they can not manipulate you and underpay you because you come with a lot to offer and they don't want that. Nowadays from what I see the society does not value quality anymore like 50 years ago.

  53. Get a light brown and dye your hair and fix your attitude, I would hire a 59 year old in a heartbeat if they physically could do the job and for the record, I am older than you :)

  54. Great insight. However not all employees go down the leadership path. That’s why you have individual contributions and leader roles. I get your point but.... I would encourage you to reconsider it.

  55. Tbh. As a black Woman I have a job application wig. Lmaooo and then after I get the job, I show my true colors. If you have to dye your hair or change the date that you graduated or make yourself seem younger. Do itttt

  56. If you really just need work to hold you until the next gig, try teaching English online to kids in other countries. if I had a College degree it's what is be doing (I'm a tradesman)

  57. Read What Color Is Your Parachute? It explains alternate ways of finding work other than the traditional sending in of the résumé.

  58. As a Older millennial, shut the fuck up. I for one do believe that knowledge and experience matters. If I was hiring, I would hire someone with the experience and knowledge. So don't lump all of us millennials together.

  59. We exist in the world your generation created. If you don't like it, feel free to create a time machine and fix your generation's problems that made us the way we are.

  60. I feel you. While I am not above the age of 40, I have been screened out for job before an interview for not having a graduate degree in that one particular field, despite experience and having another graduate degree. It's maddening.

  61. Was a journalist for 25 years, corporate writing for the past 14 -- marcom, content management, white papers, B2B,. Lots of experience in infosec, finance, marketing.

  62. At the end of the day, it's all about total value proposition. Presumably, you offer a lot of value with all that experience. If that's not true, that's something potential employers would find concerning.

  63. Join one of the new platforms, such as TopTal, Turing, Arc or Gun. I'm sure they'd love your profile. DM for more details, I can give you a referal link.

  64. I’ve got nowhere near your experience (nearly 10 years, b2c and b2b, variety of copywriting and staff writing roles), and I am having no luck with trying to find a new writing role. I’ve had one interview in three months, and they ghosted me.

  65. Have you looked at government? I'm only 25, but some of my coworkers who joined in the last few years were 45-55 years old and came from the private sector so I'm assuming age is less of an issue.

  66. You know in many communities the opposite happens. In my community you cannot get a corporate job unless your 50 or up.

  67. I'm confused who is being hired? They seem to reject people with too little experience but also reject people for too much experience? Is there some magical godilocks zone where you can actually be hired?

  68. Genuine suggestion, which you might do already. Show relevance over experience. I mean, show that you have capability in the current trends, not only experience of things that are no longer relevant.

  69. Call people you know or have worked with in the past and ask them about jobs. Being referred for a job will dramatically increase the odds that you will be hired.

  70. This may be a weird suggestion - but I would consider a makeup artist or zoom filter. Ageism is real. I changed careers in my early 40s and dyed my hair and did some intense makeup for interviews. I also lowballed my salary like hell. It sucked for the first year, but I’ve doubled my salary since and I feel going in low had a lot to do with it.

  71. I turned 50 last year. I am making good money and am keeping my 17yo car so that I can save as much as possible.

  72. Ever thought about teaching at the community college level? Usually, a degree isn‘t required, just really solid work experience in whatever course you’re teaching. Some are surprised how good they are at teaching at that level and wish they did it sooner.

  73. I did hiring, age discrimination disgusted me to my core, but EVERYONE encouraged it. I still put them all through to the hiring manager though, and that dude didn't mind

  74. They don’t like inexperienced, nor experienced because you are probably smarter than your superior. It really is hell. I have a feeling if you have 5 years of experience and you are 30 something you have best chances

  75. Have you considered coloring your hair, making sure you are very well hydrated, and overall taking care of your health and skin so you look more healthy and youthful?

  76. Put keywords from the job posting in your resume in white text - a lot of companies filter applicants using keywords (because they're too lazy I guess to actually read resumes and the 21st century allows the practice). I've had multiple transfers at my company that I've applied for and my resume never got to the hiring manager. This technique helped immensely.

  77. This has been something that has always had me worried. I have been with the same place for 27 years. They just see a fat dude that is knocking on heavens door. They would never know how highly adaptable I am. I needed to be. I love to be. If I ever get fired I might have to work at Wendy’s or something

  78. A great book on this is Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble is a book written by experienced Tech journalist Daniel Lyons. The book describes working at the software company HubSpot as a marketing PR guy. Fish out of water story. There are tech writing jobs and other jobs. LinkedIn might be helpful.

  79. I'm 57.. I hate to be a downer but I've never seen anyone of this age get hired in a white collar professional position. Maybe consider a variation on same career. Like teaching what you've been doing.

  80. Hang in there. I am close to the same age and it is tough. I really focused on things to help me look younger, esp on camera. Got my hair colored so it brightened it but looks natural. Invested in some new shirts and a new jacket. Googled to see the best styles and colors for my skin tone and build. It is only part of the equation yet found it helpful in my self confidence.

  81. I'm hiring a former co-worker that's damn brilliant. He's 61 and was laid off after working at the same company for over 35 years. He always brought his A game and I I'm excited to hire him. I asked what his salary expectations were and he said 100k, which is pretty close to half for the field. I was fucking pissed. Not at him but at our former company for treating him so poorly. He's getting appropriate pay.

  82. Maybe this is q stupid suggestion but dye your hair maybe? Non grey hair can do wonders in terms of perceived age, especially for men.

  83. I've seen advice to take dates off your CV and do a good amount of pruning especially of the first few roles you did, unless they are directly relevant, so people can't infer your age from your CV.

  84. @EmilyRNunn over on Twitter is an older journalist who is trying to go after news outlets (currently she’s focused on the Washington Post) who decline candidates due to ageism. Don’t know how far she’s gotten with it, but it’s interesting to read her tweets on the topic.

  85. as weird as it sounds, some places just don't want older people. I've worked with some managers that outright refused a good placement because of a persons age, of course not officially but it still happened, not sure if he didn't want to hire someone older than him because of some hierarchy of age there or if he had some other biases.

  86. I keep hearing this and it makes me not even want to start applying but the unemployment folks keep pushing. I feel like why bother and waste everyone’s time. They want me to apply to things for “practice” and maybe take some computer classes to freshen my knowledge. But ma’m, I’ve been teaching the classes you are recommending for 15-20 years

  87. My dad had this problem he got his head shaved and a tan got a job not long after maybe a coincidence but who knows

  88. Seriously have you thought about dying your hair? I'm going to be starting a tech bootcamp. When I do interviews I will probably dye my hair because I have a lot of grays up front. I'm in my late 30s but I'm still going to try to look younger. Also light helps a lot. Get a ring light or sit in front of a window.

  89. Ageism. From the recruiters point of view, why hire someone old when you can hire someone younger and pay them less.

  90. Boomers feeling the consequences of their own actions. As a millennial I can tell you the shit show your generation has created is fucking real.

  91. Honestly not familiar with that industry but if I could take a wild guess at it you might be intimidating stakeholders at the higher level. Might feel awkward to hire a 59 year old to work under an editor who is 39 with 15 years experience or an editor in chief who is 49 with 25 years experience. I see this bias play out in entry level positions all the time unfortunately.

  92. If I ever start a company, I will look to hire at least a few older people. I’ve worked with software engineers in their late 50s and despite snide comments from coworkers behind their back, they ran circles around people, certainly around me. People with 30 years of experience have forgotten more than a young professional even knows.

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