Never thought I’d hear these two having a conversation.

  1. I used to think there would never be a more badass voice than John Marston after I first played Red Dead Redemption over ten years ago (!), but I was glad to be proven wrong. Arthur sounds, and is, just as amazing.

  2. I need more of this! Does Roger Clark do any other Arthur Morgan videos with other characters outside of the games?! I love this!

  3. He does an audiobook set in like an undead wild west. Pretty much Arthur Morgan’s voice. So I just imagined it was Arthur.

  4. No one is doing this man justice. Look at his wikipedia page. Rob Paulson did a FUCKTON of voices, particularly in the 90s and 2000s

  5. Now, I know he’s the voice actor for Arthur, but I was somehow still surprised just how much like Arthur he sounds

  6. Whoever convinced Rob to get those veneers should be put in jail. He looks like when Kermit the Frog has teeth.

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