How to escape Guarma.

  1. Yes but this may not be the only way of doing it. When a game is out for long enough someone is likely to find the cracks, eventually.

  2. This method never worked for me. I had to head towards the village to the left, run up the hill behind it and continue to run for like an hour all the way back to the area across the river from Saint Denis.

  3. Whenever I see all the glitchiness and non-solid ground near the border between Guarma and the main map, all I can imagine is John/Arthur going through the fucking 6th dimension.

  4. A way easier way: Shoot some guard and then when you're wanted get to a cover and then start drinking until you pass out. Then you will wake up at Annesburg prison.

  5. I remember playing twisted metal 2 for ps1 and getting really excited about glitching and exploring the map outside the boundaries. Now as an adult gamer I could care less. Like, what’s the point? Do you get gold or cash to buy stuff? Any xp or rank up at all? This is cool though, thankyou for posting.

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