Who the heck are these two fools in the Beaver Hollow camp? I can't even speak to Dutch anymore, he just yells at me for not having faith and having changed

  1. First time I saw those assholes I was like “ah alright so goodbye close gang of loyal friends and hello to opening up for any criminal that can sling a gun.”

  2. Red Dead is an interactive novel where no detail is included for no reason. If it is not immediately obvious why something is in the game, it isn't yet for you to understand why it is where. These men are part of the story and add to the end of game inertia. Don't ask reddit, discover on your own.

  3. This sub is also bad about just up voting anything about the game. OP made a post over a month claiming to be on their 2nd playthrough of the game. They know how these 2 guys are, they're just karma farming.

  4. That's a great way of explaining a lot of the creepy mysteries, like the strange man or the town of Pleasance.

  5. They're the ones who will get all of you to Tahiti. The big one is the captain of the boat you're all getting on. The little one has the plan written out in his mind.

  6. The problem is YOUVE CHANGED…. You cant see Dutch man’s brilliance in planning. You are getting conned by John and Abigail wanting to do good.

  7. Not sure why you're coming here when you should be playing through the game...where the game tells you who certain characters are and their purpose. I mean it just looks like you want people to spoil it for you.

  8. Have you played the game Red Dead Redemption 2 by any chance? I'm sure if you play the game It'll clear up any questions you have. But for real dude have you not been paying any attention, like at all?

  9. Don’t ask questions like these on this sub unless you want a bunch of asshats to spoil it for you. Keep playing, my friend. You’ll find out.

  10. Yeah I know people try to keep from spoiling but asking a question like this if you haven’t finished the game is asking for spoilers

  11. Behold my fellow cowpoke! The way forward is nothing but pain, rejoice or despair for the end game has begun!

  12. those are the kind of guys that are a lot older than you and your friends but come uninvited to a party just to eat all the pizza

  13. Ok I thought I saw ole “Scarfaced Joe” before when I was playing RDRO. Just never really made the connection till now

  14. I haven’t played the story for a year. How come he believes he hasn’t changed? Btw I love just doing my own thing still after the mission and I’ll play it a good amount a times a month

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