Would you play a Rockstar Pirate game? I think they could make an amazing story.

  1. A Rockstar game similar to AC: Black Flag in regards to sailing, ship upgrading, and naval battles would be phenomenal.

  2. Yeah, because AC Black Flag was fantastic, apart from the actual Assassin's Creed stuff. I'd love a pure pirate game in that vein.

  3. I've said for ages the rockstar engine/style would lend itself perfectly to a pirate game. You could upgrade your ship, find treasure maps, talk with the crew and play games and drink, rob other ships, etc etc. Their ability to tell an incredible story with deep characters is proven, and the setting immediately lends itself to adventure and exploration

  4. Ive wanted a triple A quality, story driven RPG based around pirates for over a decade now. And my comparison is always rockstar and red dead redemption. This is my promise to the world. If I'm ever Elon rich I will pay rockstars operating costs for the duration of what it takes to make a pirates game on par with RDR.

  5. And if they did it right an online could be really fun. Being able to team up with other captains for raids, drink and play games like poker, dice, etc... and have pvp fights with ships or swords would be pretty awesome as pirates

  6. Being honest I would play most games if rockstar made them, rockstar makes top tier games, even if they drag each one out as long as possible to make more money. But yes, pirates would be pretty cool, although I think they could make a beastly sci fi or fantasy game if they had the inclination

  7. This was the first thought that I had as well. Rockstar could probably make a storyline driven game in any setting and it would be good.

  8. Rockstar mechanics and story telling in the setting of something like Star Citizen would be all I ever needed. I've yet to find any other devs that have movement and combat feel so good and grounded, and the flight mechanics from GTA V could lend themselves very well to space travel, honestly.

  9. Pretty sure RDR2 tricorn hat made that question pop up several times, and sure. With all the appreciation for AC Black Flag, I think Rockstar could take it up a lot beyond it, plus you'll probably not be the captain, but a crew member. If they allow alteration in story mode... Sheesh, just take my money already

  10. I imagine it would be a Dutch/Arthur situation: he’s the captain but you’re the one doing all the leading.

  11. But it would have to include some land missions as well, navigating a ship might get tedious.. like in AC Odyssey (though that whole game is pretty tedious tbf..)

  12. It worked for Assassin's Creed. Throw in abilities from other games like the ability to capture other ships, do land raids and so on.

  13. A Rockstar open world pirate game with Red Dead Redemption level of detail would destroy my entire social life. So hell yeah, I'd play that!

  14. All major writers? Only Dan Houser left as far as I know, plus I'm sure Rockstar has the budget to hire some very talented replacements.

  15. I would probably play it, but if it is supposed to be as realistic and grounded as RDR2 I doubt there is much to get out of this setting. Spending the majority of time on a ship on sea would also waste a lot of open world potential

  16. Going to islands and ports, assembling your crew by finding the perfect bunch of characters in lawless cities, heading out to sea to plunder and destroy ships. It would be fuckin awesome. It doesn't have to just be pirates out on the open ocean the whole time.

  17. Well people say the same about Red Dead plenty. Plus red dead isn’t as grounded considering there’s literal ghosts, vampires and aliens in the game, and zombies in a non-canonical DLC.

  18. Outrunning a British frigate in your sloop wouldn’t quite have the same “high speed” chase appeal. Although a legit broadside would be pretty thrilling once.

  19. It won’t be the same without Dan Houser. It will be interesting to see how future games pan out without him since he was a cornerstone of the storytelling.

  20. Theres like 2 pirate games on the market Black Flag and Sea of thieves. Theres also no big pirate franchises in the media besides pirates of the Carribean and that's dead.

  21. Yeah, I actually said a pirate game of this quality would be amazing, and it's got the bone structure, the gun fights, add a bit of sword fighting, the wanted system can be per island or town like in this one.

  22. I'm sure it would be amazing but at this point, if they started now, it'd take 20 years to come out.

  23. With Rockstar's amazing world building and storytelling, this could be another huge hit but they waste time on online stuff lol

  24. As other’s have said, the melee combat would need to totally be worked over, but honestly, so long as they aren’t going for a GTA style of game where it’s like “lol xd chaos,” but instead RDR of “sure, you can kill that person, but you’ll be made to feel total shitty about it in the end,” then I’ll be happy

  25. Woah, thats a cool idea for a new game, but hear this: re-relase of gta 5 on a new console instead? Anybody?

  26. There was a leak a year or two ago that Rockstar was prototyping out a potential medieval game. Highly unlikely, but man, that really hit a chord with me. The studio behind Red Dead Redemption 2 working on a European, medieval themed game would just be amazing.

  27. I feel like there is so few story driven pirate games out there, and in reality I think everyone would buy it if someone put the time in to make it. AC black flag is most people's favorite AC, and it's purely cuz you get to be a pirate

  28. Oooh i can see a Pirates of the Caribbean like theme where you fight off red coats and other pirates, heist and treasure maps, pvp open sea ships side by side

  29. Rockstar games has mastered the open world genre so why not take a step further by going beyond the sea and do some big island hopping for the next game

  30. Entirely depends on which team makes it. Gta team? Wouldn't even touch it. Rdr team? I'm an alpha tester

  31. Honestly if rockstar keep their outdated game design I don’t think I’m that interested in playing another one. Combat based on auto aim been the same since gta 3. Extremely limited mission parameters with failstates coming as soon as you try to do something fun/unique. Only adding fixes and content to multiplayer that’s been needed in SP since release.

  32. Just because the gameplay mechanics aren't the best doesn't mean it would ruin the game. RDR2 could stand on its story and open world alone. Yeah shooting could be better and yeah, player choice could be a lot better in missions, but I still think R* could make a frickin awesome Pirate game with the current formula.

  33. My strong opinion is that pirate games are boring because sailing the open seas is boring as hell and you can only have so many unique ship to ship encounters before its dull and monotonous.

  34. By the same token riding around the wilderness and having the same respawning rival gang encounters is dull and repetitive.

  35. Ship to ship combat would be awful. Rdr2 was barely an upgrade from gta combat and they shoukd really step up their game in the gameplay mechanics department; I doubt they wouldn’t be able to fund that approach while also continuing with their amazing writing.

  36. I mean I think it’d be cool but leave that to a more reputable company that actually listens to their fans.

  37. YES I’ve been saying this since before guarma and then guarma happened and I was sure that was coming next. Still waiting but i stopped holding my breath

  38. Arrr Matey! Dead men tell no tales.. We'll make that son of a biscuit eater Micah to walk the plank to find davy Jones locker himself! I can see Revern now being 3 sheets to the wind on rum singing pirate songs. I went to a pirate museum in Galveston and learned about John Lafitte and Blackbeard. Yo ho, yo ho, it's a pirates life and this game would be for me!

  39. I would, and i'm sure it would be great, but my real dream is for them to pull of a Medieval setting. Imagine something like Kingdome Come Deliverance merged with RDR2.

  40. Red dead 2's shooting mechanics would fit really well with muskets and flintlocks. But they would need to rework their entire melee system in order to make a good cutlass/saber fighting game. We've yet to see them make anything like that, but I bet they could.

  41. I’d really like rockstar to take a shot at a mob game they’d be perfect for it. Pull aspects from their other games. gang wars ( take over neighborhoods like San Andreas) with a family tree and recruiting made men, heists, assassination missions (whacks), drug dealing, dancing, etc. for setting I’d like Las Vegas in the 60s/70s drugs & disco with that goodfellas/casino feel, it’s Las Vegas so lots of games to play plus possibilities of running or knocking over casinos.

  42. I mostly play sea of thieves and GTA 5 and I'm always caught in conversation with my mate that a rockstar pirate game would be insane

  43. An open work pirate game would be perfect for rockstar. Just think of all the money they could make with the Online aspect whilst completely ignoring single player after initial release

  44. Quick, everyone spend more money on GTA Money & for the love of GOD SOMEBODY PLAY RDO SO THEY HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS (not that they don’t already, imagine they would just need a lot of incentive)

  45. The way they improved DRASTICALLY on the melee system with RDR2, I'm 100% positive they could nail a pirate game. Black Flag is one of my favorite games of all time, and god damn if a company like Rockstar were to touch on something like this instead of Ubisoft I would simply pass away

  46. That would be sick. I still want agent so I can feel like a James Bond mixed with John Wick badass but ig that'll never happen.

  47. Great idea, I’d like to also see rock stars tackle a medieval game. Think being able to act as a mercenary or sell sword would be interesting especially with all of the moral dilemmas. Only thing would be rockstar figuring out a combat Mechanic which wouldn’t become to repetitive

  48. Only if they changed the movement style, we all know how hard it is to move around cramped spaces in red dead so the inside of a ship would be tough.

  49. A pirate rockstar game would be cool to I was saying they should make a zombie apocalypse type game like the last of us but open world obviously

  50. If some people hated horse riding and think it was slow against a backdrop of beautiful American nature, they're really going to hate being on a boat with nothing in sight

  51. Yes but they would probably fuck up combat, they have never been good with melee combat so I'm not sure they would pull it off

  52. I want a Rockstar game about Victorian England, extending to Scotland and to Australia when the main character gets sent there instead of hanging (they could then manage to return). I want lots of side missions based on quirky stories from Victorian England and Australia - some of the murder/crime events from that era are so dark and interesting. There's tons of scope for a massive game and if it ever happens I will be SO happy.

  53. Pirates Online Only - Shark Cards to buy ships and clothes. Some spoiled kid will have jet ski with a turret attached

  54. Would I play a rockstar pirate game? I’d play a R* game about a sewage treatment job ffs. Just because I know they would make it interesting

  55. I don't trust Rockstar anymore. There just flopping shot out no, and the really don't listen to the community anymore. They only maintain gta5 and the profits margin from that game alone.

  56. LPOTL does a three-part podcast on Blackbeard and now Pirates of the Caribbean is trending on Disney+ and players are talking about Sea of Thieves again

  57. When it comes to story driven singleplayer games I fully trust Rockstar Games. They could even develope a game about an ancient african tribe in the desert or a medieval pig farmer and it would be an awesome game and story.

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