What’s the best horse?

  1. The horse you like the look and size of is the best horse. But if you want a decent black horse, I would recommend the American Standardbred. You can find them in the wild, usually around little creek river.

  2. In 4th chapter you can buy black version of Arabian if I remember right. You can get this horse even in first minutes of gameplay, but to do this you need a lot of luck. Sometimes in Saint Denis one guy are riding black Arabian to theater. You need to wait for evening and observe theater entrance and just steal hitched horse. ;)

  3. See my comment above, this is an event in St Denis at night, you don't need luck, just to be at night, there are multiple spawn places, but I use the one next to the cemetery, if you don't help the couple, the event will respawn and you can get the Black Arabians as many time as you want.

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