Reddit Talk Updates: Host Program, Soundboard, and Finding Your Audience

  1. I'm excited to try out the topic selector, but shouldn't there be some kind of discussion, conversation, or casual option? I'm not quite sure what we'd pick.

  2. Thanks! You can pick topics like “Casual” or “Funny” to reach people interested in more casual hangouts. As for the soundboard, it will only be available to hosts.

  3. I wish the mobile ui wouldn’t change after what feels like two weeks at a time. Specifically with the sort settings today. Idk I had no problem with the last three or four versions but every time it’s something new to get used to that I don’t want or need. Idk I’m one user I realize but that is how I feel

  4. I personally hate the sort option being moved to settings. Sometimes I want to see different comments for different topics and going to settings just to change the entirety of how I see all comments site wide is absolutely backwards.

  5. I get the feeling devs are building random things because the core product is apparently already done? Audio chatrooms and those stupid livestreams are things they added without a way to turn them off.

  6. For real this was my first thought. Oh great something else I wish I could hide, yet they keep adding clicks to get to and from the content...

  7. Can you guys look into changing blocking behavior? If a user blocks me, I can no longer comment in the same post as the user. I understand not being able to reply to that user or tag them, but not even in the same post makes no sense. Blocking the way it is now only encourages someone to post lies, misinformation or disparaging comments about a user, and that user can't even say anything to defend themselves. It shuts down all dissent and disagreement. It's so easily abused as it's set up now.

  8. The admin policy on abuse of blocking tools - whether it be users or mods - is shoot first ask questions later. And they probably won't ask any questions. Your guilt is assumed, probably by a bot, and that won't change unless you make enough noise to end up in the main stream media to embarrass them. Reddit won't invest in the necessary resources to properly moderate every community. They use automation as a crutch, like every company in the USA.

  9. Use a third party app like Apollo. I literally have never seen whatever this Reddit radio thing looks like. Nor does it support profile pics or profiles or chat, all of which are garbage anyway.

  10. Currently, we will show you live talks of subreddits you are a member of, and topics related to those subreddits. We are building a setting for users to opt out of the live bar completely, and when it’s ready we’ll post about it in this community.

  11. I'm sure there have been plenty of suggestions but the list of topics seems pretty comprehensive. A topic that a few friends bring up relatively often is Mystery / True Crime - any chance that could be added? Seems to be a popular theme these days

  12. Has there been an update to the disappearance of the ‘home feed sort’ option? The app is essentially useless for me with it gone.

  13. Yeah jackasses moved the option to under settings. Takes a good number of extra steps to sort posts everytime now. It sucks big time and totally breaks the usage flow.

  14. Why did you move the sort option to settings? Do you not see how this is an utterly massive inconvenience? How could you possibly at all think that that is a feature that would make people go “this app is sick”?

  15. Makes you think whether there is any testing of these features or not. I have never been annoyed by feature or UI changes so much but this one frustrates me so much. Don't fix it if isn't broken.

  16. Why did you remove the sort function for my Home? You made reddit less enjoyable and almost cumbersome now (cumbersome = less use). Horrible, horrible decision.

  17. Apparently it’s in the settings now… terrible decision but at least you can still sort. Even tho it takes several extra steps

  18. Get rid of these crap. I found out this made my phone heat up just by staying in "home" tab it auto join me into their reddit talk room.

  19. Is there a way to hide the Reddit Talk buttons that appear at the top of my feed? I've no interest in this feature and it's mildly annoying seeing the myriad of Talks at the top. It's just clutter.

  20. Get rid of this forced garbage. I don’t want to ever listen to one of these. Please just show me the subreddits I follow.

  21. If you add an option that allows the user to not see these talk spots on our home feed, then im fine with the update. Let us decide what chatroom is good, or show chatrooms from the subreddits we actually follow.

  22. Any ETA on an option to remove Reddit Talks from my homescreen? This is a terrible, useless addition and it would be wonderful to not have to see it.

  23. How about you fix your broken app and video player first instead of wasting engineering resources on this useless feature nobody asked for?

  24. I found that you can get rid of these by getting yourself banned from every random talk that shows up.

  25. Why are harm reduction subreddits exempt from organizing talks? I’m board member of a non-profit that’s fights for this and have 8 years online and IRL experience doing harm reduction work. The other mods of the sub are as qualified if not more than I am. One has even written multiple peer reviewed papers on the topic. How are we supposed to protect our vulnerable community if we can’t use features like this?

  26. Because it's not meant to be a good feature it's just meant to be another avenue with which they can shovel ads

  27. Two other techniques you can use to get these unwanted talks off your screen -- if you report the talk for violating Reddit rules it takes you to a screen where you are allowed to block one person and this often blocks the entire talk. It's a lot easier than just trying to deadhead your way through a stack of yammering teenagers, blocking them one by one.

  28. That’s right! If you can start a talk today then you don’t need to apply. But If you want to start talks but can’t, please apply to our

  29. Nobody asked for this. Work on making the mobile site usable. Remove the need for an account to view Reddit.

  30. Why do you guys ALWAYS make these features and updates be forced upon us. No one wants this stuff. If you're going to add a new feature, make sure we have the ability to opt out of it first. Your flow chat should look like this

  31. Will I know if I am able to host talks from my profile? I think I requested this, and it would be useful as I could go deeper than we do in our subreddit.

  32. Please make the talk feature which shows up at the top of the Home page on the iOS app respect the setting for whether or not to show recommended communities in the Home feed. I have this setting turned off and yet I still see Talk items at the top of my Home feed from subs I’m not subscribed to.

  33. I am once again asking for a button to remove reddit talks completely off my personal feed. Just dump it in popular if you desperately need it to stay up ffs.

  34. Undo the block update that prevents people from commenting anywhere in an open discussion thread where the submitter has blocked them.

  35. I hate this. The app is becoming more and more bloated with crap I don't want, while features I do want randomly stop working.

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