He suddenly [21M] gives me [19F] the silent treatment

  1. Girl live your life. If he can’t be happy with the fact that you like to enjoy yourself (and hangout with other people too) then he needs to chill. Plus you just started going out 2 weeks ago, he needs to stop taking it personal and just enjoy the experience.

  2. Cut him now. It sounds less like he has past issues with his ex and partying and more like a 'controller/narc' kind of person. Manipulation and abuse starts out like this. There is nothing good that ever comes of it. He is a grown ass man, and he wants to act weird or ignore you when you just met and you are with your friends like you planned and aren't dropping them for him when he wants? Let me tell you from experience, it will only get 10x worse from here and you will end up with a shit ton of trauma after being controlled and manipulated for years if you let this continue. Please find anyone better. You are SO YOUNG. You have your entire life, trust me. Do not waste the best years of your life on this guy.

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