My sister who I haven’t seen or spoken to in years wants trust funds for her 3 children. 2 of them are my ex husband’s

  1. My first response is hell to the NO. You are not responsible for your sister and your ex husband’s children

  2. Yeah right, I am so petty I'd rather take my brother and his family on a big vacation and put some amazing pictures on FB for everyone to see.

  3. No one in entitled to your money. You decide what to do with it. But if you want to be productive petty to those who hurt you:

  4. There are sooo many innocent children out there. Those kids are strangers to OP. If their parents, which i guess are healthy, could not provide enough money for them, it is not the problem of OP. They treated her like shit and now they want her money, because FaMiLy! Hell no! They can take a second job if they want more money for their innocent kids.

  5. Also, who is telling OP that she should put money aside fir sister’s kids? Who ever is telling the auger anything that OP is doing, should be cut off. They are definitely emotionally manipulative. And are on the sister’s side. NTA OP

  6. This is a truly messed up situation and you have my sympathy but I personally couldn’t set up a trust fund for them. Some people will no doubt say “you’re punishing innocent kids!” but that’s too bad for them. No one has any right to your money but you, plain and simple.

  7. The only response to that is “it isn’t a punishment to deny someone something they were never entitled to.” When did OP become the sponsor of everyone else’s kids? Even the ones she did create funds for don’t deserve it, they’re just super fortunate.

  8. And some people will say your sister and husband deserve everything you've handed out to them, but you would be a saint for setting up trust funds for the innocent kids, but honestly, I don't think you would be. First of all, it would make you a pushover, which in itself is a bad message. Secondly, it would whitewash what your sister did. There are, and need to be, severe consequences for what she did. Your parents and other family can help her kids out if they need help. You are morally obligated to impose consequences on people who treat other people so horribly. Otherwise, what's to stop them from rolling over someone else? Or you, again, for that matter?

  9. Yes - if you need to rationalise the guilt, ponder this: are you 'punishing the children' if you don't set up funds for random kid down the street? Or, even better, giving all your money away to orphans?

  10. You’re not punishing the kids you’re just not setting up a trust fund for them. There are plenty of kids you won’t have set up a trust fund for however rich you become

  11. Your sister got your ex and that's all she's entitled to. If your mom is so interested in your sister's kids having trust funds, your mom can use her money to set them up.

  12. It’s your money. If her kids want to blame anyone for missing out they can ask their mother why you don’t speak to her. Zero obligation here

  13. Actually I think real shit packed in some news paper it's all that OP can give to her sister. Bonus point, make sure OP sister or her husband are at home, you put the wrapped shit on the front door of the sister, you set the news paper in fire and you ring at the door. For extinguished the news paper fire they'll have to tap on it with their foot and then have shit everywhere.

  14. The children are innocent but it doesn’t mean they are entitled to your money. You get to decide where it goes and why. Your mom needs to mind her own business.

  15. There are plenty of innocent children all around us, but we don't go set up trust fund for all of them right. The audacity to ask though (ugh), I wish I had that kind of confidence.

  16. Also, her sister is just using her mom for her own ends, so her mom is being victimized as well. It seems like it would be better for everyone if they just cut her sister off, she seems truly wretched.

  17. Your sister is persona non have every right to continue having nothing to do with her or her kids...stay strong and enjoy your life. Spend your money traveling the world....send her a post card....spending it all on me and the people that matter.

  18. No… ex left her because “he couldn’t live with the guilt anymore” after a few years. Tried to reach out but my brother threatened to break his jaw if he ever came near me. Haven’t heard from him since

  19. You owe neither her or the children she had with your ex husband nothing. Your mother should be ashamed of herself for even asking you. If she's so concerned about your sister's brats then she can set up funds for them.

  20. Your money, your shit. Wtf? If you want to help anothers kids, ok. But it's not your fucking responsibility to take care of every kid of your extended family.

  21. That’s what I think. It’s your money, if you think it’s alright to do some charity then fine. It’s not your responsibility but that’s what charity is, do it if you can and want to.

  22. If there's one thing about family drama that I've learned is that the parents have probably portrayed you in some way to their children that makes you look like an evil person. Your sister and her husband, who you know have already talked behind your back when you needed help, have probably ruined your image and those kids see you as a stranger. If everything has been going great ever since you removed them from your life, why ruin that? I'd say keep it as it is and continue with life without them.

  23. Omg OP I am really really sorry for what happened to you. I am a sexual assault survivor myself and I know how it feels not to be believed. But by your own sister? How could your mother allow this bullshit? I just want to hug you rn ! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want someone to talk to. I will send you a chat request🙏🏻❤️

  24. Don't do it, don't let your sister continue to get the best of your life. If you want to, donate the money to charity for the homeless or a women's shelter. Help people that maybe we're in a situation like you but had no family (brother and SIL) to help. Your sister has not contributed to your success so why should she profit from it. Her kids are not your responsibility.

  25. You should feel no obligation to do anything for this person or her spawn. A lot of gall to even ask, and of course she goes through your mother. Maintain no contact.

  26. OP you are not responsible for their kids. They betrayed YOU. Your brother took care of you in your time of need as opposed to your sister and ex husband so you setting up a trust fund for his children is an obvious thank you on your behalf. Do not let these individuals taking anything else from you even if the kids are innocent here, she shouldn’t benefit at all from you

  27. You owe nothing to anyone whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if they’re kids or not, trust your instincts and if you truly believe that she would abuse said trust funds do as you seem fit. She hurt you in so many ways and on such a deep personal level that even if you have or do forgive her it doesn’t mean she has to be in your life anymore. Forgiveness doesn’t have to have involvement.

  28. Your mothers other daughter is an evil and heartless woman. Don't give her a dime. Tell your mom that SIL is your only sister and you have provided for her kids. That you have no other sister and if one is mentioned again you will hang up or leave. Follow through.

  29. Tell anyone who approaches you about this that what you do with your money is your business and nobody else's, including the person talking to you, and you won't discuss it.

  30. Fuck that bitch!!! Just like you she an make her own goddamn money! Your a goddamn boss bitch own up to that shit and do you queen <3 im sorry you had to go threw that. you cant pick your family but you can sure choose to get out of their live

  31. Don't feel obligated to be manipulated by your toxic mum n sis. They didn't manage their money well... They can get a job or a loan. Or tell your mum to give your sis the money since she's just her puppet.

  32. Ma’am hell no. Do not give in to her demands and tell her she can do it herself. You have no obligation to any of them. You set up funds for the other kids because you genuinely love and have a connection to them and their parents. It’s clear that’s not there with your sister, her husband, her kids. That’s okay. We don’t owe our family anything, especially not after they treat us like shit.

  33. Please don’t even think about it. Your ex husband can worry about setting up any kind of future funds for his kids and your horrible “sister”. I’m sorry you’re related to her. Focus on your real sibling and family and bestfriend. Go live your life and don’t entertain the thought of it and you should immediately shut down any type of conversation your mother tries to have with you about this. If she was in your shoes I’m sure she’d feel the same way. F that!!

  34. Her kids aren't entitled to your money. You're not punishing them by refusing to give them a handout.

  35. You have no obligation to her, your money is yours and you get to decide how it will be used. Those trust funds you did set up were gifts, you didn't have to do anything for them either. The fact that you gave them gifts does not mean you are now required to give other children equal gifts.

  36. Don't set up a trust fund for her kids. Don't be foolish enough to let them guilt trip you. Tell her to ask her husband to support their kids. If your mom keeps asking you to forgive her, just say, "She's made adult decisions then, she can live with her decisions now. It sucks that her kids are not being taken cared of because she continues to make decisions left and right."

  37. I would’ve laughed at your mom. Your sister and your ex husband can take a long walk off a short pier. They don’t deserve anything from you. Not even your presence.

  38. You do not owe her or her offspring anything. Whoever tells you the children are innocent, tell them you know and you wish them well and hope the person sets up a trust fund for them. Do not let anyone pressure you into helping out, whoever tries to pressure you should get blocked.

  39. Sometimes toxic is toxic, horrible is horrible. I firmly believe that of a person is horrible and extremely toxic to me I will cut them out of my life regardless whether they are blood or nah. You can forgive her, but doesn't mean you should support her and her family. Honestly if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't give any of them a vent. Yes the children are innocent so are a billion other children. These particular children have parents to take care of them. NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! don't feel guilty. Enjoy your life, enjoy your money and do whatever you want with it

  40. Don’t do it. Your sister is a terrible person, her children aren’t entitled to anything that’s yours. If you cave into this, she will ask for more and more. Save yourself the trouble and say no. If your mother keeps pushing you tell her you will stop contact until she understands that your sisters children are her children and only hers, you’re not obligated to take care of them.

  41. You could say something like “I can’t make a trust fund for every man on the street with kids just because they ask me for it. I am not saying my sister and exhusband are like strangers on the street, they are way worse. They chose to go behind my back and betray me when I needed them most, they pushed me away when I search to get closer. There are millions of strangers who’s kids are first in line to get anything from me before I’m able to spare my sister a thought again.”

  42. No, you don't owe her anything.Loyalty makes family and from what she did, she clearly isn't family at all.Let her deal with her own problems

  43. Sounds like you need to set a boundary with your mom. If she doesn't respect it, she gets cut off too. Pushing this on you is the equivalent of condoning her daughter sleeping with your husband. She needs to stay out of it.

  44. No no no no no, its your money, they both sound like terrible people and you're better off keeping them out if your life, they want your money and that's all.

  45. Family doesn't mean you are stuck with them. You cut them out of your life which is the best thing you've ever done. Her children will have a normal chance at life like everyone else without your help. Your mom just doesn't care that much about how much she hurt you. She'd rather you pretend it's okay so she can have her happy family again.

  46. Nope. I'd honestly laugh at them and tell them to start saving now because they're not getting a single dime out of you. Block and live your happy life. What she said is disgusting, what she and your husband did is what scummy narcissists do and to top it off, they feel entitled to your money? Wow people really have no shame.

  47. Fuck no. You’re not responsible for your sisters actions… she chose to sleep with ur ex husband when you needed her… & proceeded to have kids w him. It’s not your problem or responsibility to finally support her kids. 0 obligations to do anything for her or her kids imo. Forgiving can be done without any financial support. Your brother was there for you when you needed him and helped you get out of a situation ur sister put u in. Ur brother > ur sister

  48. I’m real petty so I’d probably set up the trust funds for her kids and have presentation of the funds (upon reaching maturity) accompany them being informed how their mother fucked her sisters husband and their father fucked his wife’s sister, while they were supposed to be helping you heal from what I assume was aggravated sexual assault. Young adults are very sensitive to this kind of unfairness, and tbh they only requested the money, not your silence.

  49. Fuck no! Those children are not your responsibility and you don't owe shit to your sister or your ex! They don't even deserve your time or a place in your life!

  50. You've never met the kids, why is it on you to give them a trust fund? You aren't a bank, and your already funding four kids. Maybe you have the disposable income to give more, but you aren't obligated.

  51. Why isn't her husband setting that fund up? Those kids are his not yours. They aren't your family they're strangers with similar blood. Don't give them anything.

  52. Her children are innocent and deserve the same reaction you’d have to any other child, the child of a stranger….because that’s what they are. Your sister is scum, and is dead to you, her children are just children, not bad or good, just not family either. Family is more than just blood, and they don’t have that “more”….so god dammit no, they don’t get shit….they get what the children or a stranger gets, which is purely just not treating them like shit if you are ever in their presence.

  53. It sounds like your mother and sister are trying to guilt you into giving money to your sister’s children, who you do not know and do not have a relationship with. They are trying to make you feel bad about, “playing favorites,” when in reality it is your money and your choice. You should not give money to the children of your ex husband (who cheated on you). That is absurd.

  54. Your mom sucks for not having your back after what she did to you. Please don't feel responsible for giving them anything

  55. Yup, just echoing what everyone else is saying. They willingly and blatantly burned that bridge. They just want your money. Your mom needs to stay out of it and mind her own business. She knows what they did, she can help them herself but she's a bad mother for trying to guilt you into helping two people that hurt you this way.

  56. HELL NO! After the shit she did to you, she can wallow in that poverty. Those aren’t your kids, why should they benefit from your hard work? Don’t let your mom pressure you into it, because that woman stopped being your sister 15 years ago. Focus on yourself, the people who care about you and live your own happy life

  57. Please don't give them a dime... Fuck your sister and honestly fuck your mom too for even trying to pressure you into that shit. Obviously you are both her daughters but idk how she has the gull to ask that of you knowing what she did.

  58. The kids are completely innocent. Don’t hurt them. Don’t hate them. Most importantly, don’t help them. You don’t owe them anything. You shouldn’t hate the kids or actively try to hurt them, but you don’t owe them anything. You don’t need to help them. Don’t feel guilty.

  59. I work in finance, family trusts and estate planning, and my humble opinion would be a 1000% NOOOOO! No, no, no, no, no. Don’t even consider it. No! Your a normal human being who is being manipulated, ie taken advantage of. Do not for a second even entertain the thought! No no no no!

  60. She is not entitled to anything, nor are her kids. Tell your mother you love her, but you don't want to discuss her and those rugrats again. You cut her out your life for a reason. Stick to it.

  61. Keep the money and go makeover shopping. Medspa, salon, gym, plastic surgeon, WHATEVERRRR! make yourself look however you want to look.

  62. You don’t owe anyone anything and there’s no reason you should set up funds for kids who you have no relationship with. You’re sister sounds like a crap person, absolutely no excuse for her atrocious behavior.

  63. NTA OP, of course. And kudos for beating the odds! There isn’t any scenario where you owe your cheating sister & ex anything. Ask your Mum why she didn’t go no contact with your cheating sister? And cut all of them out of your life. Enjoy your happiness

  64. Nah don’t. Use that money to retire early or set yourself up for long term care or something in the future. Save it and use it to spend time with the family you want to.

  65. You don’t have to forgive nothing and no one. If she wants a trust fund, she can flat-out hire someone else to do it. It’s not like it’s impossible to get it done elsewhere.. and your ma trying to guilt you is infuriating and pathetic. - my opinion.

  66. At first I thought she wants you to help her start a trust fund for her kids not make you pay. Who in their right kinds will make such a demand and who in their right mind will follow through. You're a grown woman who has had to deal with trauma of being betrayed and invalidated by her and you'd be just okaying what she did to you if you do this. Everyone will think it's in past now and will also be unfair(?) to your other sibling who supported you out of his own goodwill and received something in return and she'd just swoop in and take a piece (not to forget she was the cause too).

  67. I rarely get enraged when I'm on Reddit but this makes me see red. You should never, ever set up a trust fund for your sister's children. You owe them absolutely nothing and you owe your sister even less. Ignore your mom's inane pleading for reconciliation and move on with your life. Your sister doesn't get to contact you and ask for your help now because it's simply convenient for her now. She can fuck off

  68. Don't, I honestly believe she does not deserve it, if she had the children then SHE should be the one taking care of EVERYTHING for them including trust fund, and who's to say that she isn't gonna manipulate the situation so she can use the trust funds to get own benefits? I wouldn't do it

  69. I bet your sister needs the money and will try to get to it if you give it to her children. Don’t do it. Don’t give them a cent. Her and her children are not family. The freaking audacity of your sister and mother. At least your brother and SIL sound awesome. They are all the family you need.

  70. Don’t give them a dime. Your ex and your sister decided to betray you, and due to that betrayal, children were created. You don’t know them nor do they know you. Keep things as is, and continue to take care of the family that love and support you.

  71. The children are innocent but they’re also NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Your sister made her decisions and they have consequences.

  72. Absolutely hell no do they deserve anything. I’m sorry but even if things were on good terms, you are under no obligation to give your sister or your nieces and nephews money. Considering the circumstances, it becomes even more clear that they deserve nothing. Your brother and his family sound amazing and they really supported you during a hard time. It is honorable of you to reward that. Would your parents or sister really care about reaching out to you if you didn’t have money? Had you not become so successful, it sounds like your horrible sister would have been fine with the continued no contact. Please don’t let them guilt you for your success when it’s clear they wouldn’t have a use for you without the money.

  73. I didn’t see anything about them acknowledging what they did or apologising.. I would ask for a public apology in front of your family, not just for cheating but insulting You too. Then, once they have apologised for what they put you through.

  74. Hold up…your sister was 18 when she started hooking up with your ex? Yeah, fuck your sister. The kids may be innocent but so we’re so you. You were the victim of their betrayal.

  75. Fuck that, she obviously doesn't care about you at all, why should you do her any favors after everything she's done? Yea right

  76. Firstly I'm sorry your sister an ex husband are completely disgusting human beings. Secondly its your money so you can give trust funds to whoever you like. Even if you were on good terms with your sister doesn't mean her kids would automatically get one that's for you to make that decision and your decision is final. In your situation i would play favourites too. To quote one of my favourite ever sayings "she made her bed now let her lie in it" she destroyed her relationship with you when she did what she did and you owe her nothing. Yes OK the kids aren't to blame but you don't have to provide anything for them that's your ex husband's job. So don't feel guilty and tell you mum that it's none of her business what you do with your money and if she wants to she can set up trust funds for your sisters kids. Im sure once it's her money she won't be so generous.

  77. You have no obligation to set up a fund for children you have never met nor have any sort of relationship with, just because you are related that's not your problem. Your sister came to "help" you after you were attacked, mocked you and effective stole your life, your brother helped you for 3 years. You owe her and her kids nothing. And go you for making your life better and showing them you didn't need either of them to succeed. I'm sure you are attractive, everyone has someone, your ex husband found you attractive. But looks aren't everything personality shine through aswell.

  78. Don't you do it. You owe them nothing, you dust your hands and crack on OP. Don't you go doing favours for people that stabbed you in the back like that. Let them rot.

  79. Give her nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let her support her own kids. That is the ultimate betrayal. If you forgive her, fine, but do not fund her!

  80. Not your fault those kids have horrible parents. Don't do it. Rewarding your sister and EX for being that cruel is the last thing you should be doing.go on a vacation with that money and tell your mom if she doesn't drop it you are forced to stop talking to her as well.

  81. I personally would just say “No.” it is a complete sentence and is two letters more than she deserves.

  82. Crazy how parents want to get involved and enable the sick don’t owe anything to anyone especially someone that hurt you. PS You don’t have to keep in contact nor forgive someone and let them back into your life. She could have apologized and asked for forgiveness but no she wants the money for her kids. Yes they’re innocent but that doesn’t mean you have to go in and be the nice guy after everything you’ve been through. Stay strong be with the people who support you and understand.

  83. Damn, I just wanna say sorry you’ve had to endure all that. Cheated on by your husband, and betrayed by your sister is bad enough for anyone but her blaming you and not believe you about your assault and now still trying to use you and manipulate you for your money. She doesn’t sound sorry at all, or like she’s learned a damn thing as she’s grown older. This is a person that the door stays shut on forever.

  84. You can give money to whoeever you want. There's no requirement to be fair to everyone on the planet. Her kids are total strangers to you. Can my kids also have a trust fund from you? Same request, basically.

  85. I assume that her and you ex husband have been carrying on with their lives, raising a family like many people do, making their own financial decisions, and rarely thinking about you. Clearly they've had no contact for fifteen years.

  86. Sounds to me that your sister was a key player in demolishing your life, and now that you’ve built yourself higher up than her and your ex husband ever could she’s jealous. Fuck her. Her and her spawn don’t deserve that money.

  87. Uh, why isn't the louse taking care of her and the parasites they bred together? I'd be asking Mom why/where the Prince Charming she betrayed you & bred with isn't supporting her family's future?

  88. Yes, the children are innocent but they are not entitled to your money. Don't do it if you don't want to.

  89. Like others said they aren’t entitled to money they didn’t know about anyway. You’re as obligated to give me money as you are them.

  90. Fuck her, her husband and her goblins. NO!! Do nice things for you with your money. If she wants to hate on you, give her a good reason and give her $1.00 because that is all that piece of shit is worth (tell her that in your Will too! )

  91. Saying children are innocent doesn’t even make sense. Yeah, they are innocent, but so is every other irrelevant child on this planet. They most certainly aren’t entitled to your money no matter what the past as is the case with those said irrelevant children. They can argue “but family” but that would depend what is their definition of family. Is it people you have a bond with? In which case there’s no bond. Is it blood relation? In which case there’s definitely way more blood relatives related by many great ancestors on this planet, some which are bound to be less fortunate so they ought to shell out money for them. And I would address the situation in public. Tell the whole story on social media so that they can’t make up some bs about what a terrible person you are for playing favorites.

  92. First of all I am so sorry for what happened to you. Going through a traumatic experience and then having your most beloved people laugh behind your back about it is devastating to say the least. The cherry on top came when your sister decided it would be a good idea to have sexual relations with your husband. That is utterly gross and despicable.

  93. Yes, the children are innocent in this. SO WHAT? Everyone in the world is innocent except those 2. Advise her that she should buy life insurance for the benefit of her children. That should provide for them. Hopefully your ex-husband has a substantial life insurance policy for the children.

  94. Even if your sister was the nicest person and you were a part of the kids life-you are under no obligation to provide for the kids-it’s your money and you can do with it what you want. Take into the fact that she betrayed you in the worst possible way, has made no effort to show remorse and didn’t support you in your time of need-you absolutely do not owe her or her family a thing! Don’t give in, don’t support them and stick to your guns

  95. No no and no! She wants to reap benefits for seeds she didn't sow. Or rather, she should reap the lack of benefits that naturally spring from the shitty seeds she's sown. She made her choice, she chose a man over family, repeatedly. And now she is using your mother for her selfish ends, thereby making your mother into another victim of her mental illness. DO NOT DO IT. It will only serve to increase resentment and hostility in an already dysfunctional dynamic. You protected yourself by removing toxic people from your life, don't let her manipulation cause you to second guess what you know is best for you.

  96. You've got plenty of good advice here, but just one request - please don't call her kids brats, none of this is their fault and they can't choose their parents.

  97. I hope I don’t get banned but I would’ve said DUCK NO , and they can go duck THEMSELVES! , who are they to even ask for any money the audacity

  98. The children are innocent and I think it's somewhat sad that you refer to them as "brats" even though you don't indicate that they actually misbehave or anything. Their parents may be PoS but that doesn't automatically mean the children are awful or should be treated as such. It definitely does sound like a lot of hate and anger is being transferred to them and that's not a great look regardless of what their parents did.

  99. The children are innocent and the way you talk about them is really gross. But you don't owe them any money and your sister and mother are awful for expecting you to. I'd cut out the mom for asking.

  100. It’s your money. Her children aren’t entitled to it. I would suggest seeing someone tho to work through your anger. Calling them brats when they literally did nothing wrong, just shows your anger is towards them also. Again, you owe THEM nothing but you do owe yourself a happy and healthy heart. I would begin with therapy for the anger and then I would talk to your brother and see what he thinks. If you decide not too, it doesn’t make you a bad person and you’re allowed to do whatever you want with your money.

  101. Personally I don't think the kids should miss out, I'd set something up but make sure it depends how the kids turn out, that they know exactly what happened etc.

  102. Dear Op, perhaps more importantly, is to consider your personal health. In your post, you mentioned that their hurtful comments/ laughter destroyed you. Though you may have recovered and succeeded to move on from the pain. Do you feel peace in your heart about your situation with your sister? Is there peace in the decision you are going to make and does it aid you in your mental health? I wish you all the very best.

  103. You don't owe her or her children shit. I would cut ties even with mom for downplaying that shit. Nope. Im sorry op that's terrible.

  104. I so love seeing these correct comments and knowing I could make a statement where people would have the opposite stance on what people are entitled to.

  105. This is not a punishment for anyone. They’re not entitled to your money. The end. Give your money to the people in your life that VALUE you.

  106. You tell your mom , that she should not attempt to broker a truce between your sister and yourself again , and if she does she is part of the problem.

  107. Tell her you might think about setting up trust funds for those kids if they ever become orphans. Then the ball is in sis and exhubs' court.

  108. If your mom wants to give the kids money so bad then she should fork it. Your money, your choice. Plus you don’t even know the kids so you don’t owe them anything, innocent or not.

  109. Let her ask you instead of your mother on her behalf. She has the balls to crack jokes how bout grow a pair to ask you about the trust fund.

  110. Hell no, I recommend telling your mother not to bring this up ever again. She absolutely should not be trying to guilt you on their behalf it’s disgusting

  111. Heck no! Consult an estate attorney to make sure you have a solid will excluding those people. They are not entitled in ANY way to ANYTHING.

  112. Get into therapy to deal with these feelings and let them go. For your sake not anyone else. Your hatred means you care too much about someone who is beneath your notice. Tell your Mother to mind her own business and if she persists, stop any but the most basic communication. She is trying to guilt you. Your sister and ex are disgusting human beings snd anyone advocating for them is also disgusting.

  113. … maybe she should have considered not being a disgusting piece of shit to her sister before giving you every possible reason to tell her fuck off.

  114. Yeah wtf and despite that shit did the worst thing one could do to a sibling. She never respected nor cares about you fuck her. Call it petty I call it what it is some bullshit.

  115. Tell your mother that you will give them the money on the condition that they eat some of your poo.

  116. NO. AND why is even your mother begging for u on ur sister's behalf? thats some cowardly move. JUST. NO. do not forget what your sister made u go through. that way, u won't feel guilty for her. it's not even your fault she's a crappy person. and her brats aint ur responsibility either. Leave her alone and dont set up her brats' trust fund. thats what u look like to her---someone whom she can suck up money

  117. So she’s not reaching out because she misses you and is desperately sorry for what she did and knows she is an awful human being and wants to try and rebuild a relationship! Nope she wants money! Do not give her or her children anything except for a sweet middle finger! Enjoy your life and your money you earned and do not give her a second thought.

  118. I’m sure you feel guilty you’re dragging innocent kids into this. But this is a reality of life, some people are born luckier than others. Your brother’s kids are the former and your sister’s kids are the latter. Not your problem in either of these cases. Your mom also needs to butt out of this. Hold your ground, it’s not your responsibility to help your sister, it’s her problem.

  119. Do not give her even a thought of your mind what she did is inexcusable. You’ve been walked all over once, don’t let it happen again

  120. Your money, your choice. It is a nice gift for you to set up trusts for the kids you chose to, but that in no way should be used to manipulate you into setting up trusts for anyone else. The gall of her thinking it is in any way appropriate to ask for that at all, let alone how she has betrayed you and then come to you with a complete lack of self awareness or genuine wish to atone for her behaviour. She has a partner and another parent available to take care of her own childrens future, and you have no obligation to discuss anything with her. I would put her back on ignore, she clearly is using you for trust money and I would wonder if she would try to interfere and try to get her hands on the money if you did set them up, as her past behaviour shows she's not above screwing over family.

  121. Tell your mother that your ex-husband and ex-sister will need to work things out for themselves and that you never wish to hear them mentioned again.

  122. They betrayed you, so no. What you should do is say what you did was unforgiveable and if the children want money then they look to their parents and not you

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