My [33M] family thinks my son [2M] is too dark to be mine

  1. I mean, man genetics are funny. Me and my wife are both a mid brown color, I wouldn't say dark skinned but just brown. Our son is lighter than both of us (has more my mom's and her Grandma's shade) our daughter leans slightly toward being a shade or two darker than both of us (her mom is darker skin toned and so is my grandma on my dad's side as well as my dad) then there's my daughter from a past relationship, noticeably darker than me and her mom.

  2. Yeah, human skin color genetics are famously wonky. As long as there's any significant amount of melanin in your close ancestral lineage (two or three generations), you have the potential to be born darker than either of your parents or grandparents, and there's ALWAYS a possibility to be born lighter because melanin production is

  3. People don't realize genetics are weird until its happening to their family. My mom is a dark skinned black women and my dad is white with blonde hair. I on the other hand am a completely white passing red head with skin white as snow. My siblings are brown and noticeably mixed with afros. Yes I am my parents proven biological child (the hospital refused to give me to my mom after I was born because they swore there was a mix up with babies) so yeah genetics are extremely weird.

  4. My parents are both white and while I’m white, when I stand beside them/the rest of my family, I am noticeably a couple shades darker. My mother didn’t cheat, I just got genes from my black grandfather that missed my father. That being said, I have a couple of cousins who’s parents are basically stereotypical midwestern white family, but they’re incredibly dark. Genetics is just hella weird like that.

  5. My dad is brown and my mom is white. Three kids and we are all totally different shades. For some reason mom just kept popping out progressively whiter children.

  6. Happens with Native Americans too. My mom is over 30% and my dad is very a small amount. My two sisters take after their grandma and ancestors as they have black hair and tan skin, way darker than my mom. My other sister and I are light skinned with light brown hair. Genes, man. All in the genes.

  7. Hell I have like maybe 25% Native American dna as dose my brother I look Hispanic in the summer he burns in the sun I have brown eyes and hair he has blonde hair Blue eyes I look nothing like him aside from facial structure genetics are all sorts of weird

  8. My brother in law is half black, half white. His wife is Greek. Their daughter came out looking like Elsa and their son looks like Miles Morales. Genetics are WEIRD

  9. My husband has blond hair and blue eyes after his grandfather. Looking at pics of them at the same age, he's the spitting image of his grandfather.

  10. See I agree with this. Genetics don’t always mean you all have the same skin tone. All three of my cousins have different skin tones despite being mixed siblings. I mean even in my own family with a Puerto Rican father and a white mother, my brother turned out darker than my dad. Doesn’t mean the kid’s not his, just means he took on more of the Hispanic tones than the rest of us did. Honestly, I think for his family to be caught up on how dark his child is seems very odd to me and almost like they are trying to imply that his wife cheated or something just because his child is darker. Though, after reading the edit, it seems like he plans to tell his family how inappropriate their behavior has been, which is good. I’m glad something like this hasn’t put a rift between him and his wife over his family’s incorrect assumptions. And since they didn’t seem to have a problem with the relationship prior to this, they may just need to be educated.

  11. Every black person know that black people come in all shades. Even in the same family you can find light and dark people. Your family are taking shit about something they don't know about and probably didn't like your wife

  12. How is this still not common knowledge. Every couple years some new story of biracial twins or black parents w a white baby or whatever circulates on the news. I feel like at this point people should know better.

  13. Hell, even in White families, genetics can be weird. Two blondes can give birth to a red-head or brown haired child. So I take their "ignorance" with a whole bottle of salt.

  14. Pretty much. 2 super dark skinned people can have a pale whitish baby as that’s how our genetics are. Seems to me they’re either super ignorant or yeah they have an issue with the wife

  15. Stop putting up with it - put your foot down. Every time someone mentions his paternity you hang up or leave or kick them out. They shouldn't be allowed to keep badmouthing your wife like that. You need to prioritise the wellbeing of your wife and son over their conspiracy theories.

  16. Thank you! Not sure how so many people here are missing the point. OP, your mom is accusing your wife of fucking someone else and passing an affair baby off as yours which is utterly heinous! You’re really okay letting her talk shit about your wife and newborn like this? Put your foot down and defend your family.

  17. the bullshit some men will put up with, and even worse, force their SO’s and children to endure, just to protect their mommy’s feelings is asinine

  18. I'm the type that would send a letter stating that I'm cutting off all contact with them. If they have such a low opinion of my wife then I don't need them.

  19. I think you should tell them to cut it out or you will go low to no contact. It is one thing to be ignorant, it is another to choose to remain ignorant. You don't want your child to grow up with all those whispers around them.

  20. This is the way. Print out a basic genetics chapter, hand it to them, and tell them that now that you can be 100% sure they are no longer ignorant of the way genetics work, any further disrespect of your wife and son will not be tolerated. Let them know that you will not have your son growing up hearing that, so even one whisper of it again and you will cut contact.

  21. Physical features of a child don’t come out like mixing two colors of paint. Your son got a random combination of features, I learned this in sixth grade!

  22. bro my sister has very blue eyes and anyone in our family has blue eyes. Some medical testing was done due to other issues and she is 100% my sister and my parents child!

  23. My white aunt married a man who was half black. One of the kids is darker than him but looks a lot like my aunt. Another is blond and blue eyed with skin so white they didn't feel comfortable applying for the same scholarships their sibling did. Genetics!!

  24. Being black, I have 2 brothers, both me and my younger are light skinned, but my youngest brother is like my moms side of the family and grandparents and taller and more chocolate complexion than the 2 of us.

  25. Put an end to that crap. Your kid will pick up on it soon. Some distance from family if they can’t respect your family.

  26. Genetics really can fool people. I’ve read multiple time of black babies born to white parents or white /pale babies to black parents. Naturally at first the fathers thought their wifes cheated on them till the dna test proved they were their bio kids. Later on they did some research and found that some of the ancestors were black or white.So ckeck this out and send them the link.

  27. Yup. I have friends who are both mixed (black/white) and are quite light skinned. They have one son who looks totally Black and one who looks totally white - even has blue eyes! It’s amazing.

  28. So, how do your wife's parents look? Does she have siblings? Because if one of them is really dark, show your parents a picture of them. Genetics are weird. Sometimes a child ends up looking more like a grandparent or an uncle/aunt then their own parent.

  29. First talk to your wife and tell her you know your son is yours and that she is totally faithful. Then find out what she thinks the two of you should do to handle your racist family. Tell her you don’t want your family being idiots and their bull to ever affect your son. If the two of you decide on a DNA test to shut it down then get your family together and talk to them. Tell them your willing to take a DNA tests to shut their filthy mouths about Your Son but your mother has to pay for it since she has the biggest mouth.

  30. Don’t bother with a dna test, do an ancestry/23&me/etc test. At least you’ll get something useful out of it. You may need to do it fr both dad and child.

  31. Your family needs to educate themselves - seriously. It’s very normal and usual for black/mixed children to have different complexions to their parents and even siblings.

  32. Your family is trash. Tell them as much, tell them until they start treating your wife with respect (they're accusing her of cheating for fuck's sake) you're cutting contact, and then go no contact.

  33. Op beware There was a man who was going through the same shit, and thought his son wasn't his and his wife ended up leaving him because she realized how racist, and how many micronaggressions he actually had. Anyone remember that? Perhaps you could approach your wife and get her blessing for a DNA test to shut your mom up.

  34. If you have complete trust in your wife then I don’t think you should have to take a paternity test to prove to your mom. Talk to your wife and see what she thinks about this.

  35. Your wife has two genes for skin colour, one lighter, one darker. The lighter gene expressed itself in her skin colour. When you created your beautiful boy he got her recessive (darker) gene and your northern European gene. In his case the gene from his mother expressed itself.

  36. Show mom this where people are telling them she's an idiot and she knows nothing about DNA and genetics. We can inherit a long ago ancestors trait. My dad often wondered why me and my sister were so skinny and very blonde since neither parent had those traits. Come to find out his side had some tall skinny blonde swede ancestors. You never know what or what ancestors genes are going to be used in a baby. It's not always the parents or grandparents genes.

  37. There's at least 100, probably a lot more, genes involved in determining human skin color. Some of them can completely overwrite others. Some of them only turn on when others are on or off.

  38. They just don’t know how black genetics work. My brother is way darker than my mom and I, and Im darker than my mom. My dad is the same color as my brother. By their thoughts, my brother and I should both be way lighter but that’s not how skin tone works. There are multiple genes at play and it’s not a case of “either or and the other”

  39. I'm white and I married a black woman and we have a beautiful daughter. Her skin colour is indeed in-between black and white, but it's changing over time.

  40. You know it is yours. I would have the test done and proclaiming so and give the results to your family and tell them to read it and stick it up their arse.

  41. Your mother is an idiot and you and your wife are less than smart as well for assuming that you child would come out fair skinned. Genetics are weird. Black genetics especially. It is entirely possible for light skinned black people to make very brown children even if your wife herself is biracial which you didn’t say she was. She is just a light skinned black woman. It is more likely her kids would turn out darker than her since her lightness is the quirk in genetics if her parents are browner than her.

  42. Even if you big if you were white there is a (very very slight) possibility that your baby could be dark if either of you had ancestors with dark skin. Tell your family to stfu that’s the only way of dealing with them

  43. I watched a ted talk video on skin and genetics and it's so fucky. this mother had children, but her own children were biologically her nephews.

  44. So if you get the test and he is yours, then what? Your mom has ruined your relationship with your wife. They need to stay out if your business. If you know he's yours, that's all that matters. I would would tell them, either accept it or don't come around us.

  45. They used to think my baby wasn't my baby mothers because she is a black girl with a very white baby. I am a very white hispanic man, Genetics are crazy.

  46. Thinking that a child's skin colour must fall in between that of their parents is like thinking that a child's height must likewise fall between that of their parents. That is simply not how genetic expression works. Lots of people are either taller than both their parents, or shorter than both their parents. Same applies for colouring. Your parents do not have a strong grasp of genetic expression.

  47. So in a nutshell, your mom is basically trying to "blacksplain" how the transfer of Melanin works to your Black whife, yourself and your family all because your Biracial son got a little more than your Wife appears to have as a Non Melanin- having person?

  48. I remember a few years ago my friend said she didn’t believe Obama’s daughters were both his because of the shade differences. I showed her a picture of my family and explained to her that shade doesn’t work like that. I know native Americans who are half white and grow up looking mostly brown but when they’re older some ‘whiten’ out & you can see their other features. It’s sad how certain minorities know a lot about the majority but the majority is always ‘new’ to our stuff.

  49. After your edit, I think you need to reflect on your family “not having a problem with you [me] being in an interracial relationship”. Their behavior is racist. Would they be saying this if you had a partner of the same race? No they would not. Your wife and son are your nuclear family. You owe it to them to call out your family’s racist behavior.

  50. Your family is racist, period. You married a woman of color. The child could have more of her genes, therefor being “darker” than your family “expected”. What a gross thing to even admit honestly (them). Even grosser to assume simply by color that your significant other of seven years stepped out on you. Throw the whole family away. You’ll be lucky if the wife doesn’t throw you away honestly.

  51. Your family is racist and in denial about it. Just call them out and call it what it is. She can think whatever she wants, but she can also keep her mouth shut about it.

  52. It seems like your family have a problem with your kid looking black. I’m getting some “concerns about the colour of his skin” vibes

  53. White people in general are really the only ones that don’t have much range in skin colors so I get why your family is ignorant but you need to put your foot down. I know you said your family is ok with interracial dating but that doesn’t mean much especially when you bring colorism into it. Put your child and your wife first and shut down any conversations like this. And kick them out or go no contact if they don’t stop. This is actually a very serious issue.

  54. Your family don’t like your wife because she’s black and now they’re using this as an excuse to verbalize their racism. That’s all there is to it. You love your wife and have a kid together, they’re above everyone else now including your family. What they’re doing is disrespectful to her so you need to put your foot down and tell them not to talk about her and your child that way.

  55. There was a post on Reddit where a guy in your same situation became convinced the kid wasn't his because kid was darker. Got a DNA test. Kid was his. Wife divorced him.

  56. Get a paternity test, shove it in their faces (literally) then tell them they will not be seeing their grandson until they sincerely and deeply apologise to your wife on bended knees.

  57. Ugh. Genetics are funny. Hes yours. Her family genetics are strong. You can explain simple as that. Your wife's ancestry came through. I bet he's a beautiful little guy. My best to you!

  58. Skin genetics r weird man, some babies come out pink asf with dark parents. Some light parents get dark asf babies. Genetics r weird. Tell them to stfu if they want to be in ur son’s life

  59. Genetics don’t work how your mom thinks lol. For example, my partner (half white half black, white mom, dark skinned black dad) ended up with a cool genetic variation in which he inherited 100% of his melanin from his mom. So he has his dads facial structure and hair texture, but he’s super white with freckles and green eyes. All his siblings are brown. Genetics are crazy af, your kid probably inherited a recessive darker skin trait from your wife. Do you think explaining recessive genes to your mom would make a difference?

  60. If you’re content in the knowledge that your marriage has been faithful and your son is yours then do what makes you most comfortable and let them miss out on time with your son if they want to talk so much shit about your wife. If they doubt what you know to be true then they don’t deserve to be in your life, let alone your son they won’t claim and your wife they disrespect. Genetics can do some interesting things, and it’s likely his skin may lighten over time, but regardless, he’s your son if you say he’s your son. There’s no need to placate others with a DNA test if they don’t believe you at your word

  61. I think you got to defer to your wife on this one, as they are attacking her character. She may want to get a paternity test to shut them up, but she may also want to cut them off. It’s up to her.

  62. If me (white looking Mexican and my boyfriend (who is part black but looks white as fuck) were to have a baby that baby will most likely come out looking black that’s how genetics work, skin pigmentation is the most wonky genetic, and if they took biology class in high school they would know that 🤦🏻‍♀️

  63. White people are new to the table. I’m just glad that there are more interracial relationships and a growing curiosity to what the rest of the world already knew

  64. This American Life podcast this week (#214) on family physics might be an interesting listen for you. It’s about a boy who was darker than his family. Turns out his dad was not his biological dad. Not saying that’s the case here (genetics can definitely be weird) but it’s a good listen in either case to hear the man’s perspective of growing up looking different than his family.

  65. You could send the whole family group an article or news story about this very thing, which is not uncommon. Then tell them all to shut up. Here is a good example: a biracial couple have two sets of twins and in each case, one is much darker and the other much lighter.

  66. "Child is my son, I am done discussing this with you. If you bring it up again I will hang up/leave. If you can't leave it alone I'm going to take some time away from you until you can."

  67. If you pick up an 8th grade biology book with Punnet squares in it, there will be a section on genes or traits that vary along a spectrum rather than exclusively recede/dominate. Skin color is one of those. It's not like mixing paint-- it's like picking a marble out of a bucket. Most of the marbles look like a combination of mom and dad, the next highest percentage looks like either mom or dad. There's still a large amount of marbles that lie outside mom and dad's traits but probably within older generations. This is normal and happens with all combinations of races. I'm not a scientist or anything, I'm adopted (same race as my adoptive parents) and I look into lots of info about adoption, because I'm interested in interracial adoption myself one day. There's a lot of overlap of discussion/questions about outright adoption, fostering, combined families (like from divorce), and mixed-race families, so I've seen quite a bit on this topic, because for some reason race/color still matter to nosy strangers seeing families walk down the street. Anyway, maybe looking into an actual scientific publication explaining this so you can riff to your family will help. Those are just broad strokes I remember from reading about this over the years. Best of luck! Enjoy the holiday with your beautiful family.

  68. Just get the home paternity test and throw the results in her face to end it. Unless you plan on cutting out your family, this is the easiest way to get your family to drop it and treat your wife and kid better.

  69. Besides his color does he have any of your traits that you can point to? Like same nose or eyes?

  70. So here's the thing. Even if you manage to make them shut up, the belief is still gonna be in their hearts. You're mom has a Blindspot, I don't think she's hating, just doesn't know how genetics works. I prefer talking about things out in the open, and trying not to have emotions run too high. If they do, calm people down and if that's not possible, it's fine to pick up at another time. That is in my opinion, how best to deal with the issue. Personally, "do not question my wife's fidelity or you will be blocked!" Is an unnecessary power struggle with drama, tensions, hurt feelings....

  71. I think you need to set some boundaries with your mom about this topic. “Mom, my son’s paternity is not up for discussion, and if you continue to bring it up, we won’t be visiting anymore.” She will push back and try to argue - but stand your ground and restate the boundary. Don’t get upset or try to convince her. You’ll have to keep doing this because she won’t like it. But it will be so beneficial for your emotional well-being!

  72. I would do the genetics test on your kid, then send it to your family and tell them that they never have to think about it again. You don’t want your kid to have grandparents who doubt this. It’s all about what’s best for your kid.

  73. Oh, your mother definitely has a problem with your wife and her race. Mom is making this an issue to drive a wedge in. There is a wide range of skin tone and often a child can be darker than a parent.

  74. Funny, that would never be an issue here in Brazil. One of my grandparents is black, but both my mom and dad are white. I am whiter than my parents and got a red/blond beard, but my older brother is as dark as the grandpa I mentioned. Genetics can get confusing, but I’m pretty sure that the kid is yours.

  75. This reminds me of that post where the guy got the DNA test done because of his family and then it came back he was the father but the wife divorced him because of what he did. Tread carefully here

  76. I’m white. I have three kids with a black man. None of my three kids have the same skin tone. My middle child has very fair skin(to the point that my ex’s family questioned my child’s paternity at first as well), but my youngest has a much darker skin tone. Your mother is not only showing her racism, but her complete lack of respect for your wife as a person.

  77. We were taught in nursing school that there are five hereditary traits that can come from any contributing member of a person’s genetic line, no matter how far back. Skin color, hair color, eye color, height, and intelligence capacity. This is why two short people can have a child taller than them, why blue eyes pop up in darker-complected races, or why idiots can produce intelligent offspring. Or in your case, why a child can have a different exact skin tone from their individual parents. It’s science, man.

  78. you are not both white lol. the child can have the grandparents genes. if you suggest a paternity test she might get angry, and for good reasons

  79. They are mistaking their racism for knowing how biology works. Email them the wikipedia on skin genetics and don't entertain any more of their rhetoric. Walk out, hang up, ignore messages.

  80. My mom is of Afro Caribbean descent and is one of five siblings. All five of them are a distinctly different colour. I am biracial and I came out very fair skinned despite my mother being the darkest of her siblings. My other biracial cousins are all different colours to both lighter than and darker than their parent of African ancestry. I have other cousins with two black parents that have come out later than both of their parents also. Your parents are ignorant and you should tell them such. Sounds like they need to keep them selves out of black business!

  81. Ppl tend to put to much importance to skin tone, I mean there are so many families with 1 shorter or taller sibling then expected etc... I guess if you look for it there is always something that doesn't "fit" the expectation.

  82. I'm from Puerto Rico, where you can get a thoroughly black child from the union of two vampire-like pale-skins. We have a saying, "y tu abuela, a 'onde esta?" It means, "where ya grandma at?" Meaning, you might be white? But someone in your lineage is back and the genes will show it.

  83. Who gives a flying fuck what your family or anyone thinks. You call him your son and love him dearly. You love your wife and have a relationship built on respect and trust. That should be enough for anyone to love and accept them, especially your family.

  84. Your family absolutely have a problem with you being in interracial relationship. The mere fact that they are questioning the paternity of your child and compared your cousins kid to make a point suggests that they were tolerating your relationship. Their acceptance seemingly hinged on your kid coming out closer to what they deem as acceptable ( light skinned) or at least white passing.

  85. Black people literally come In all shades. My mother a light skinned woman, my father a brown skinned man, had my sister who is LIGHTER than my mom and could easily pass as biracial even though both parents are black. I myself came out brown skin. I’ve had biracial friends who are darker than there parents. It happens. Your family sounds extremely ignorant and your wife doesn’t deserve to be questioned at all especially when she has nothing to hide. As a black woman I feel extremely bad for her. Just a shitty Situation.

  86. My dad is white Latino my mom is chocolate black. My oldest sister is as brown as mom. My middle sister is a little lighter. I’m my dads color but a shade tanner. Genetics are weird. My mom was basically a printer running low on ink. Everyone questions the eldest legitimacy and it has contributed to insecurity issues later in her personal life. Cut your mom off.

  87. Your family are racist and ignorant. Shut this line of conversation down instantly, it's horribly insulting to your wife. Unforgivably so, in my opinion. Tell your mother that if she ever mentions this again, she will never see you or your grandchild as long as she lives. Defend your wife and child from the harm your relatives are doing to them.

  88. I would get a paternity test, get copies and give them as Christmas gift. I don't think they will ever stop otherwise and this will effect your son as well growing up.

  89. That’s the funny thing… you can almost definitely solve this with a paternity test. Get the proof, shut up the family. Oh but I’m sure that is just beyond the pale, his wife would NEVER cheat on him, how dare I even suggest that, etc.

  90. I dated someone in high school who’s skin was dark brown and his parents skin was white as snow. They were Puerto Rican, and I guess that’s really common. Genetics are strange.

  91. Educate your ignorant mother on genetics. My FIL is half Native American. His sisters are DARK. But he is whiter than I am and I'm of english/scottish/irish descent.

  92. I just want to say that this practically ruins my sons relationship with his father. His father's family believed because he had blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm a blonde with green eyes his dad dark black hair dark brown eyes and brown skin, he must not be his son. This went on for years until he started to believe it. My son was 6 years old when we got the paternity test for other reasons as we had split up and he finally found out that he was 100% his. But the damage had been done I suggest either going non-contact or getting the test because at some point this is going to affect you op hearing this and hearing this will start to put doubt in your mind.

  93. I know this may be easier said than done but I think you should get the paternity test for several reasons. You and your wife can use this as a hugh teachable moment for your family. They can learn how genetics REALLY work and are passed down. You can also expose where people's true hearts are at. This may not really be about paternity but your family being uncomfortable with having a darker skinned child in their family. Brown paper bag test is alive and well in the world. If you are light you are alright, if you are brown maybe you can stick around but if you are black you better step back.

  94. Stop putting up with it. Your son and other future kids will grow up noticing & being affected by this even if they don’t show it. They need to know you’re undoubtedly in their corner and that you never questioned it. Put your family in their place for your child’s sake.

  95. Maybe because he shouldn’t have to do that to prove something to his family. Despite what you read on Reddit this isn’t a normal concern for most couples. If I asked my husband if he wanted one I bet he would laugh in my face on why I want to waste money. The kids look more like him than me and many couples are very secure and are more on the best friend level. Paternity fraud isn’t a risk to most people to even worry about it. Some couples sure but not everyone.

  96. Wow call her out. Ask her if she thinks your wife cheated or if she just has a problem with a black grand baby. As the white bread in an interracial relationship I've found it's my job to call the racist stuff out, mostly because white people are VERY careful when he's around and less careful when not. Most people arent kkk racist but rather, low key racist. Call your mom out!! Ask her flat out is she going to treat him different? Is she going to be ashamed of him? Genetics are weird, one of my kids got my blue eyes and one my mom's green eyes, imagine that! I was sure we'd have brown eyed babies.

  97. All this can be answered with a quick dna test. Get it done and then you can put this whole thing to rest.

  98. My mum and dad are both light skinned. My whole family is. I was the most dark skinned kid ever. My husband saw baby pictures of me and actually asked who it was because he couldn't believe it was me. I'm light skinned now, incredibly pale actually, same as everyone else but genetics are really really weird. If they won't shut up about it tell them they can pay for the paternity test and publicly apologise when it comes back, WHEN not IF, as your son.

  99. Your mom is racist and is accusing your wife of terrible actions. Full stop. There is a line and your mom has gone a million miles over it. Does your wife know about ANY of this?

  100. We were suspicious about the son of a friend of mine, same situation, but never said anything... Until a friend got wasted and spilled the beans.

  101. I thought that too. 14 years later during our divorce in a rage she shouted how one of our kids wasn’t even mine

  102. your wife is going to file for divorce if you don’t take a firm stand against this, and she should. that is insanely inappropriate, racist behavior, and you should cease contact with your parents if they don’t cut it off.

  103. Get her a genetic test to show it's yours. Better to nip it in the bud early on B4 your mum starts gossiping to everyone

  104. Get the test, easiest way to convince people. Getting your Dad and siblings on your side would be the easiest way to deal with your mom.

  105. The consensus is, "Your parents don't understand genetics; it's perfectly plausible the kid is yours," is it not? What's grain of salt-ish about this?

  106. They are in the wrong for saying this however in their heads they probably have your best interest in heart. Some people in life could be really good actors (not saying your wife is that however I learned it the hard way) so why not just take a paternity test. That way your parents chill out and it should be no issue for you or your wife because you are 100% sure that child is yours. Just make your parents pay for the test. Take it await the good news and voila problem solved.

  107. Stop excusing bad behavior with platitudes like “they mean well” or “their hearts are in the right place.”

  108. 10-30% of children born in a dedicated relationship are not the biological children of the man of that relationship. Just do a DNA test. End all uncertainty. Mandatory paternity tests should be a thing. Women know for sure that a kid is theirs, equality means men also have a right to be sure.

  109. They definitely don’t seem to understand how genetics work. They can really be crazy sometimes. Both my parents have brown hair one has brown eyes and the other green. Here I am with blonde hair and blue eyes. All my siblings have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m still my dad’s kid. It’s really not that uncommon for kids to not look like their parents because of some random recessive gene that beat out the dominant gene. I would really put my foot down with my family though because you don’t want your child to be treated differently by your family or your wife to be treated differently.

  110. Honestly, that's just how genetics work. Both of my parents are black, not light skinned, and I basically spent the first 14 years of my life looking the same shade as the inside of a banana peel. It was wild.

  111. I was married to a black man & didn't have children, I was too old by then. But his family had all ranges of skin tones. His mom had fraternal twins, 1 girl very dark brown & brother had very light skin. Recessive genes strike at weird combinations in families & it's amazing the variety our DNA can come up with. It makes life interesting! Viva la difference! In my own family, my 2 brothers & 1 sister have skin that tans easily, have straight brown hair & brown eyes . I'm the only one with pale skin that burns, curly brown hair and blue eyes ! My sister use to tease me I was adopted as a child, lol !

  112. I mean your wife’s family is very dark. Your family is very light. Genes aren’t a guarantee. What your family is doing is absolutely unacceptable.

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