I(20m) boxed my friend(22f) and now my other friends hate me for winning. What should I do?

  1. It's shitty that this happened, but this was a "fight" you were never going to win. Now you know it's not worth letting people bait you into stupid shit.

  2. So… OP willingly hit and hurt his friend for what…? Because she called him a pussy? Honestly it’s more embarrassing that he can’t defend himself in a verbal argument. Everyone here sucks but op should have walked away.

  3. Damn people are shitting on you OP, but you are on the right. She said she could kick your ass, she put on the gloves, she squared the fuck up with you, and she got humbled

  4. I would say next time just walk away. You don't want to get sued or be accused of assault. Even though you didn't do anything wrong, it's best to just de-escalate situations like this.

  5. He should have walked away, but then he would have lost friends regardless. She would have continued to bully him, it wasn't just a polite disagreement she was calling him a bitch and a pussy...he would likely have had to distance himself from that person and whatever associated friends in her immediate circle.

  6. Everyone is stupid in this. She's stupid for challenging you, you're stupid for going through with it, and your friends are stupid for being upset. Like jeeezzz. I've never been in a friend group where 'I could kick your ass' isn't followed by 'ha! ya right' and then moving on.

  7. I think ur problem is that every guy knew u can kick her ass tbh it doesn’t really matter what a stupid bitch is saying to u unless ur unconfident in urself…. Yeah u might have saved her from talking big again but u also now look like a dick and r gonna be known as that guy by girls… tbh u kinda fucked up bc ur ego got the best of u…

  8. Personally I would have let her hit me with a couple flush punches and showed her it could not hurt me. I’ve let plenty of girls hit me. Unless they have some formal training or they are very large it’s not going to hurt. If she didn’t get the point I might have given her a lite jab but I don’t think I would have gave her the full 2 piece and a biscuit off the rip.

  9. Her arrogance got the best of her. Maybe she should take it as an opportunity to humble herself. Although I feel she’s in the wrong the same could be said on you as well. You could get into potential legal trouble from stuff like this. People will always talk shit the rational thing you can do really is not give a response and walk away. Unless it’s self defense though.

  10. Next time go to an arcade, and hit the thing that gives you a strength score. She does the same. The higher score can clearly hit a lot harder and can hurt the other person a lot more.

  11. Haha I asked my guy friends to play bloody knuckles with me at the bar about a year ago cus I was drunk and feeling strong. I lost badly. I didn’t stop until my hands were bruised swollen and bleeding. My friends hands were totally fine lol - ham fists. I didn’t blame them that I was hurt 😂 I asked for it. Wore my bruises with pride. If you wanna fight with the guys… you gotta accept what that means 🤷🏼‍♀️ (the nice bartender brought me ice and my boyfriend called me a dumb ass and rolled his eyes at me. I laughed at myself in the morning. No regrets 😝)

  12. Yea you didn’t box her, you just punched her twice. Look, we both know it was a stupid argument, and what you do from that is walk away, not go straight to actual violence.

  13. She, and the friend group, sounds like the type to hound and bring it up everytime. I think no matter what there is no proper resolution to this situation that would not lead to OP leaving this friend group.

  14. They would have egged him on and called him a p*ssy for not taking the "challenge" and the whole "you lost to a girl" even if he didn't take her on.

  15. Yes they could’ve both dropped it but then again why not put someone in their place for disrespecting you so bad? Not like he hit her bare fist lol it was more of a sparring match and she lost. 🤷‍♂️

  16. I'm surprised none of them looked at her and said "I mean, u got wut u asked for right?" I mean he clearly stated he wasnt gonna hold back on her too right? I didnt imagine that part? I'm so shocked not even one person stood up for him, I hope he finds better friends cuz god damn...

  17. You just wanted a chance to humble her and that's what you did. You knew you would hurt her. Multiple opportunities to back down just means you were waiting until you had the acceptable green light to do what you knew you wanted to do the whole time without feeling opportunistic.

  18. Dude, you made a huge mistake! You let a young woman who is smaller than you taunt to into a fight.

  19. I'm talking from expirence I had a friend like this and yes I did walked away and I had the intentions of not hitting her but she keep pestering me and pushing me around till she push me around were I punch her hard enough that she started crying sometimes people like that need to learn a lesson. Yes be the biggest person or whatever but theirs people that would push you around and punch you first and than act like the victim like they didn't ask for it. Although I don't condone violence but if they hit your first don't hold back and defend yourself.

  20. He should’ve just dropped her as a friend and blocked her. Egging him on and calling him names? She got what she deserved

  21. Not saying they were right but what was the point of you engaging in that fight? I get that you were baited into it but there’s nothing good scenario that would’ve came out that situation lol

  22. You should take some professional classes because at least is martial art practices they teach you that you fight or defend yourself as a last resort. Is your ego so small it can’t take a little ribbing? The fact that you knowingly hurt your “friend” is pretty messed up.

  23. Who punches a friend hard enough to cause bruises and bleeding in a sparring match? Regardless of gender. You don't need to inflict serious damage to prove you're the better fighter. Incredibly immature and irresponsible.

  24. I did boxing classes with a friend when we were 16, we were both newbies, and even if sometimes we got it hard, we never bruise each other. At max we made our noses hurt a few days but never bleed. That's excessive.

  25. I think you’re dumb for going through with it. It doesn’t matter what the reason is: unless she’s physically attacking you without provocation there is no excuse for getting into an altercation with another person.

  26. extremely dumb and immature from both sides. no matter how much someone teases or pushes your buttons, it’s no excuse to harm someone to prove them wrong, especially someone you knew you could easily hurt very badly. if you don’t like how they were behaving towards you, it’s as simple as leaving and finding better people to hang around. instead the only thing you proved is that you’re a child just like them, and no matter what, you will be the bad guy that stupidly chose to fight and injure someone much weaker than you. this wasn’t a sensible decision at all and you knowingly did it anyways. now you have to deal with the consequences.

  27. Your friends don't hate you for winning. They hate you for being a dick. This was a one sided fight no matter what she said, especially since you mentioned that neither of you are actually trained. As a life long martial artist i personally think you were wrong in this aspect. Doesn't matter if it was a guy, girl, or whatever they identify as. You don't fight to prove a point. You only fight to defend yourself from actual harm.

  28. In martial arts it's a sign of respect to treat women with the same respect as men if fighting them. That being said neither of you are trained in anything. You let your ego get bruised because a girl thought she could beat you then took it too far and she let her overconfidence get her into a dumb situation. You're both at fault but I'd say your more so than her.

  29. So he's at fault cause he had a mutually agreed on fight? When I boxed with one of my friends cousin he said he could beat me, I disagreed, he won and I congratulated him like a mature person should. She agreed to the fight, lost and cried about it. She's the only one in the wrong. She chatted shit and got banged.

  30. This. I'd add the OP showed a complete lack of common sense. You don't put on boxing gloves and just punch someone without any training. You could have done serious damage, boxing rings have padded floors and no sharp edges not to mention trained fighters don't just punch as hard as they can. You do realize that one punch delivered with force to the wrong spot can kill someone? She could have lost her life and you spent the next 10-15 of yours in a state penitentiary. Such moronic behaviour.

  31. Dude, you're right about one thing. In most situations, even a trained woman would not be able to take a sufficiently large man. There is just too much difference in muscle mass, bone density and short reflexes. Don't believe this? Look at trans women in female sports. They DOMINATE them because of those very issues.

  32. I mean you’re definitely in the wrong. I would hope you have this same energy if a dude asked you to fight. If you knew you could beat her why fight? Cause she called you names? Lol cmon dude.

  33. I did martial arts and some mma when I was younger, but everytime we're sparring we never went full force. Sure you're wearing padding and gloves but those are to prevent serious damage. If your technique and speed are solid you still can land your hits without coming off an asshole who wants to hurt their sparring partner. You weren't in a competition, you were sparring a "friend."

  34. I find it very interesting what this says about those other guys she’s supposedly fought and won against. If they hadn’t ‘let her win’, she wouldn’t have an inflated sense of her skills and abilities. Which leads me to wonder, if she’d been accosted in the street, would she have been confident because she could ‘take him’ and then shocked when her blows did nothing?

  35. Why were you so triggered by someone saying they could beat you up? She is incredibly stupid for pushing and then crying about the result, but could you not have been an adult and just laughed at her and said “whatever you say”?

  36. Geez these are always such pointless arguments. I know you thought of this as "she said she can beat me at this sport and I said no way. Since she said prove it, it's a great idea for us to fight". Do you generally fight your friends (regardless of how obnoxious they're being)?

  37. I'm martial arts it's a sing of respect to treat women with the same respect as men if fighting them. That being said neither of you are trained in anything. You let your ego get bruised because a girl thought she could beat you then took it too far and she let her overconfidence get her into a dumb situation. You're both at fault but I'd say your more so than her.

  38. Doesn't do any good. Then his friends rag on him for being afraid to fight a woman. There is literally NO WAY he can win in this situation.

  39. Sorry bro youre an asshole. I think everyone knew you could take her. You let her goad you into a "match" and to no one's surprise it was you beating the shit out of her in two punches.

  40. There’s a “fuck around and find out” idiot element to this, but dude. You knew the outcome, you should have just put up with the jokes and take the L.

  41. I think you did her a favor. She very well may have tried this shit with someone willing to hurt her for real, and getting a quick ass kicking is probably exactly what was required for her to keep herself out of trouble in the future.

  42. I’m a girl. And I’m sorry but she got what she deserved. Challenging you to fight is one thing, but directly provoking you, calling you names etc. is another thing entirely. Don’t apologise to the friends you’ve lost, essentially she was bullying you and she actually wanted to go down that road and box you. She’s an adult, her decision.

  43. OP also provoked her by arguing that her past accomplishments were due to the people she fought letting her win.

  44. If a "friend" keeps telling you they could beat your ass and calling you weak, a pussy, and a bitch, it means they werent your friend. If everybody ended the friendship that easily it meant they didnt care about being your friend in the first place. They wanted any excuse to antagonize you whether it was fair or not.

  45. My 18 yo daughter thought she could take me, I had her extend her arm like a jab, and showed her that even though I'm only maybe 3 inches taller than her, I have a good 6 or 7 inches of reach on her. Ended her shit talking. =)

  46. As a woman, I would honestly rather have someone humble me in a fight between friends, than have some stranger check my reality 🤷‍♀️ Play stupid games, like asking someone physically bigger to fight, win stupid prizes, like a bruise

  47. You're an idiot. Leaving aside gender, you could have fucked your life up permanently. You hit someone at full strength enough to bruise and draw blood. You weren't in a boxing gym, you are untrained and you could have killed someone. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but it really only takes one punch to for someone to hit their head.

  48. Life lesson learned. Don't get goaded into 'fights'. It's not big, it's not clever, and the outcome is rarely favourable.

  49. Big deal. You gave her countless opportunities to back down. She cries because her pride wouldn't allow her to admit that those guys held back and that's why she won.

  50. You did what she told you to do. If you hadn't they would've called you a pussy n that. She got what was coming because she bragged and set it all up, your friends are pathetic and seem to think she's weaker. Thanks for treating her like an equal

  51. You’ve got ego problems. Who gives a fuck if she thinks she can beat you in a fight. You clearly knew you’d win, why bother?

  52. Similar situation happened to a friend of mine and his sisters boyfriend. When sisters bf met my friend he was all abonoxious like in better than you way.Constantly berating my friend to box him, being well aware that my friend has been boxing since he was a kid and was on my high school wresting team and would do MMA. He challenged my friend to box. My friend hit him once and knocked him to the ground with a bloody nose. He fucked around and found out. There now good friends.

  53. This is the 21st Century. You don't have any obligation to pull your punches when someone -- male or female -- challenges you as she did. You probably did her a favor, because she'll think twice before shooting her mouth off like that in the future. Meanwhile, you find some new, REAL friends!

  54. The girl sounds like she really sucks but aside from situations you're actually in danger you should just absolutely never hit a woman. Even if a girl hits you first just walk away, no one is going to think you're a bitch for not hitting a woman.

  55. hey, equality. you offered clear exits to her, and explicitly told her you would not hold back. i'm a woman, and honestly, i wouldnt have taken you up on the offer. i'm strong and i can take a hit, but, i'm also not an idiot. a person thats larger than me can easily knock me to the ground. idk what she expected honestly. if you woulda told ne you werent holding back, you have a punching bag at home, and brought your own gloves??? i'd be like "uhm this guy is serious. this isnt some play fight. i'm out." the only reason theyre this upset is because shes a woman. if it were another man, nobody would care.

  56. First off... Fuck em... Ain't worth it... Second, equality is a bitch... Third, if people start saying you beat women, stand up and say "Only in a boxing ring"

  57. I think you found yourself in a situation you couldn't win here. I don't think there is anything you are missing regarding how you could have handled the situation differently. The more productive question is probably how you could have avoided getting into the situation in the first place. Not sure on all the details about how you got here, but I'm pretty sure "find more mature friends" is at least one takeaway.

  58. One of the most difficult things about being a woman is accepting the fact that you are at a profound, profound disadvantage with respect to half the world's population. I learned quick as a kid. My cousin, same age, used to beat me up all the time, so I took karate. I remember having my green belt and thinking I could finally take him. Nope, he just grabbed my leg when I kicked him and dangled me over cement and dropped me on my head.

  59. Your friends are morons, actions have consequences. I hate the moral high ground crowd, she literally backed you into a corner. What would they have you do take an ass kicking to make her feel better lol

  60. She literally begged for it the way she acted and egged you on your friends knew that watched you give her one last out then blame you?? No thanks

  61. There was no "toxic masculinity" from OP story. He let a dumbass female and their idiotic "friends" talk him into this. When I tell guys at the gym to go full strength in jiu jitsu or boxing--I'm expecting to have to fight to stay off my ass. Serves her right.

  62. Bounce on this dumb group. Sounds like a bunch a chicken heads and white knights. You in college. Lots of cool ppl. Don't settle on the above.

  63. This is so stupid, she deluded herself into believing this crap because other guys in her life let her win. With this crap attitude she could have gotten herself into a worse situation in some unsafe environment. You did her a favor. I'm not saying a woman can't beat up a man, but in general men tend to be physically stronger than women and have a bit of an unfair advantage.

  64. This woman was a raging idiot . You could’ve proved the point more gently but she definitely walked herself into this one and it isn’t your fault.

  65. Did you actively aim for the face for that nose bleed? I thought for boxing it's just supposed to be the torso area, not the head. If so, that nose bleed is on you. Not the being baited and all the other bull. She asked for the fight and that's on her.

  66. If you were my friend, i wouldnt have stopped cheering for you until now, hell yeah give that bitch what she deserved. A similar situation happened to me when i was 16. A fat girl who used to hang out with me and my friends, she was never close to me but she was close to them. One day she just wanted to pick a fight with me. Calling me a pussy, a bitch and all that haha. Then she started touching me. Pushing me, provoking me and all. I kept telling her to back off. That i would hit her back. She didnt and she just kept going. A few moments and she slapped me. And then oh man, i literally just snapped. In the middle of the class. I punched her into her chest, i slapped her. Pulled her hair down and just slapped the shit out of her. One of my best memories in high school, ngl. Girls know they have like a kind of defense that being a girl a man wouldnt hit you even to defend himself, i say fuck that. Give bitches like this what they deserve, and if any other bitch come in my way like that. I wouldn't hesitate to make her taste my palm. Peace.

  67. You can offer her a rematch, and take a video of how many times you let her back out. Of course this time she won't be such a dick and probably won't accept. As everyone else said these are not your friends.

  68. No you shouldnt have let it go. Imagine if she goes into a dangerous situation with someone who isnt her friend because she has a false sense of security knowing she is stronger than the average heavy weight boxer. She could actually be seriously harmed. You bumped her down some pegs and she needed it. You didnt bully her, you didnt harm her. You asked her if she wanted to box, she said yes. If they use a "shouldnt hit a girl" argument, that doesnt apply to sports the girls ask to do (plus if you are being hit by a girl, self defence is fine, double standards are bullshit).

  69. I once watched a 19 year old box a 17 year old at a party (with 16 oz. gloves). The 19 year old got his ass kicked, broken nose I think could've just been a fracture.

  70. You didn’t do anything wrong. She challenged you to a contest of sport, in this case boxing. You gave her a million different disclaimers, she agreed to move forward, and then you moved forward to the contest. You won, she lost, and that’s that.

  71. I'm a women and I support if a women starts shit, and insists on taking it to the mats, don't hold back. I mean, use common sense, and don't put her in the hospital, don't put anyone in the hospital unless it's actual defense of yourself or others. But yeah, I'm sick of people walking around trying to intimidate people into submission, then crying abuse when their bluff gets called. Man, women, humility is an important lesson

  72. You sound like a fucking legend. Just keep being you and I'm sure you'll find friends that appreciate your tenacity

  73. When the battle of the sexes tennis match happened in 1973. The top ranked girl at my dad's highschool, challenged him who was the top ranked boy, and he went "sure sounds fun!" Thinking it would be an innocent exhibition match, until he saw signs at the match that said "chauvinist pig!", he won and everyone though he was a dick, and he was like "she asked me to play"

  74. This is a classic example of how genetically women and men are different and also double standards. When can be aggressive and you’re the bad guy when they cryb

  75. Doesnt sound like your being a bully about it from this, it does sound like she got a dose of reality though

  76. She got what she asked for then turned it on you like you instigated this. This group of friends you have is shit.

  77. You were very fair with her. You gave her time to back out, and she didn't. You treated her, well, like an equal, a human being. Everyone who is mistreating you are no true friends of yours. My suggestion is to not do this again.

  78. She's a typical feminist: all talk and no action. She wants to be able to talk shit and hit you, but when it's your turn to hit back suddenly she's just "a little girl." Fuck her and everyone who sided with her. Find better friends

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