My boyfriend (M18) doesn’t like the “tail” I bought

  1. Tails are the best... I confuse my cats when I wear one 🤯 fyi, I'm not a furry... I probably watch too much anime

  2. Find a better boyfriend 🤷🏾‍♂️. Jk but talk to him so you can better understand your sexual compatibility.

  3. i’d let him know that wearing the tail is something that excites you and if he’s unwilling to adapt, you two might not be compatible any more.

  4. My partner wasn't into sex toys at all when we first started dating, admittedly we are older. I just playfully spoke about them and how fun they are and how they don't replace him at all but just make me feel different and things just get more wild.

  5. Not everyone's sexually compatible. I wouldn't call it quits just like that, but communication is important first and foremost. Maybe he's been sheltered sexually with vanilla partners and you can break him out of that shell.

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