He called me a “thot” in a tiktok trend

  1. He must be quite attractive for her to still be thinking twice after him bragging about their private messages.

  2. Do you want a relationship with a guy that publicly humiliates the women he is talking to? And I hate to break it to you, he doesn't value you and you clearly are not the only woman that thinks they're talking with him.

  3. Yeah the first time the guy I was casually flirting with did something like this to me would be the last time I flirted with him. And I'd consider dropping the friendship wholesale.

  4. Fuck yes, cut him off. On top of it, hes not even just talking to you. And most importantly that was super misogynistic and messed up, he literally used you for clout and essentially threw you under the bus. While encouraging the behavior by talking to you as if you are interested. I rarely give this advice but ghost this fucker if you can, if you sent him any pictures and he gets nasty about it or threatens to expose you further, screen shot that shit and send it to his mom and the police.

  5. this is very important, his general disdain for women is enough to cut ties with him and find someone who genuinely respects women and girls

  6. Agreed with all of this bar one thing, but what has him not even just talking to OP got to do with this? They've been seeing each other for a few weeks, doesn't sound like they've had the exclusive conversation yet, he has every right to see whomever he pleases.

  7. Tbh… even if you weren’t part of that Tiktok I’d say stop talking to him immediately. Just the fact that he made it at all says a lot about him. Clearly he ceased all brain activity at the age of about 12.

  8. Him making that TikTok says alot about him. If it were me, yes I would stop talking to someone like that; not my style personally.

  9. Does talking to him fulfills something in your life? Is he important to you? He’s a douche who brags about talking to a lot of women. Stop entertaining him

  10. Does his dick cure cancer, and are you afflicted with it? Because that'd be the only way I would consider still talking to that little boy. Fuck that. Approximately 8 billion people on Earth and I promise you he is not It.

  11. Why would you even consider having anything to do with this pig? Seriously. Pick your dignity up off the floor, dust his footprints off of it, and start using it.

  12. I believe the problem started when you started following an idiot who puts screenshots of his chat with girls on his TikTok to brag online.

  13. ok so this dude is bragging about all the thots he's messaging and you're still considering him as a suitable mate you could spend time with? this generation is more fucked than I previously thought.

  14. Ew I'd be grossed out and turned off by that video alone even if I wasn't mentioned. I can't believe it's trendy to be so narcissistic and self absorbed. Drop that loser.

  15. Stop talking to him immediately. He doesn’t respect you, or any women he might be “talking” to. It’s clout chasing, it’s gross, you don’t need that in your life

  16. Tbh, the fact that he's basically bragging about a bunch of girls sending him heart eyes should be enough to tell you he's a prick

  17. Why are 19 year old boys the absolute worst? Like, almost all of them. They aren't hot shit, stop treating women like this.

  18. They don’t wear signs that say “LOSER”. They’re very good at hiding it until the mask slips

  19. So this guy is totally misogynistic. That alone should disqualify him from being takes to, whether he’s calling you a thot or calling other women thots.

  20. Yes. There are plenty of guys out there that aren’t insufferable asshats that you do not have to tolerate any sort of degradation. Even if he was just doing it for internet clout, he’s a piece of shit fuckboy. Know your worth and do not settle for less.

  21. if someone uses your general interest for clout on how many people are giving him attention, do not continue to give him attention

  22. surely you can do better than some dickwad who only talked to you to leverage as social media clout. girl, have some self respect.

  23. Is there a TikTok trend that shows someone flirting with a guy and then being all sad because she finds out he has a small wee wee?

  24. I’d never accept his disrespect. If he called me a thot I’d be gone the same second. This makes him a childish fuckboy, admitting that he just wants attention from multiple girls at the same time.

  25. He sounds pretty lame and I'd move on. Why pursue someone who is bragging about flirting with lots of different people.

  26. He’s not even worth the text to explain why his shitty behavior is shitty. Just block him. More definitive than ghosting and do not leave the door open for him later

  27. How stupid are you are? You don’t seem like your idiot have some self respect if he called you a Thot why would you continue to talk to someone who doesn’t respect you Jesus I can’t even believe this is a post

  28. The best advice I have about relationships that applies to every situation is: if they like you, you’ll know. If not, it will be complicated. This is complicated because why would he say nice things to you if he was just gonna put it on a tiktok? You deserve way better than this, ghost him lol.

  29. That would be the end of that for me. At the most I'd give him the least amount of my attention possible and date other people, if not stop talking to him all together over that immature behavior.

  30. That’s so disrespectful to everyone involved. Just keep in mind that if it ends poorly in the future then I wouldn’t be surprised if he posted screenshots or bashed you on social media… it’s a red flag and I would end it now before it gets too serious.

  31. What a twat. The existence of that tiktok at all would be reason enough to break up with him, even if you weren’t in it

  32. ohmygod PLEASE STOP TALKING TO HIM and block him too while ur at it. He's a complete fcukboy. He's just using you.

  33. Any man who makes a video like that is absolutely not worth your time. Save yourself the headache and possible heartache.

  34. Tik Tok trends like this are a joke imo. It’s amazing how some people rely on social media for self confidence. “Bragging” about something like this is highly immature. If you’re looking for something serious and a mature man- stop talking to him..like yesterday girl.

  35. Oh he just publicly shamed you, shared your personal messages and called you a name…. Plus did that to a bunch of girls…

  36. You can stop talking to anyone, for any reason. You don’t need permission! If someone isn’t serving you the way you want, then drop them.

  37. The fact that he’s making tiktoks with screenshots of (what are thought to be) private conversations, alone is enough to stop interaction with this person. Especially though, that he’s calling you a thot.

  38. Please stop talking to him. The mere fact that he uses screenshots of a girls on a “tiktok trend” should already be enough.

  39. Basically making a video bragging about a bunch of different women after him. The 2000s equivalent would have been a MySpace post (or AIM away message) bragging about being a “player” and naming all his hoes/bitches/etc.

  40. I mean clearly he doesn't value you and is putting you in a group full of "thots" he's talking to. Are you hoping you're the one special one?

  41. Leave that guy. You'll do him a favor if you stop feeding his ego. For him, you're just a random "thot" he wants to brag about on socmed.

  42. Oh my god he is super cringe. Being with a guy who feels the need to brag about all the girls he talks to is just... kind of revolting.

  43. It's just lyrics to a song, he was doing a trend. It's not that deep, people just are quick to call out Mysoginy, while it's ignorant yes, doesn't go so far as to be so offensive.

  44. Honey you know what "thot" means? It's a big deal. He is calling you a w-h-o-r-e and bragging about it. Please value yourself more than being a object he can use and throw away.

  45. Proof most girls just care about looks, money etc that’s their value for finding a guy not if he treats them like shit lol

  46. Dude shut the hell up. “Nice guys” aren’t actually nice they’re deluding themselves into believing they’re nice

  47. I can’t believe all these people taking it so seriously I’m ngl to me it’s not that deep but if it bothers you just talk to him about it coz realistically he may not have thought it was a big deal

  48. You mus have something else to do than figure out what a trend anyone is ever doing on tiktok of all places...

  49. What don’t you get? Why would you ever put someone you’re talking to on a public forum and call them a thot? That’s such a dick move, he clearly doesn’t view the women he’s talking to as people at all, more like Pokémon he’s trying to collect. OP needs to respect herself and dump this clown (who is also talking to other women while talking to OP)

  50. Why is everyone no fun here? I would find some of his texts and screen shot them , depending on how your guys interact and say something along the lines of how cringy he is or how he has no game. Post them. Tag him even . #thirsty

  51. Unless you want to drag yourself down to his childish level then do that but giving that person your time, attention and recognition, especially on social media, with a petty action like that just puts you on his level of immaturity. Drop the loser and move on.

  52. of course you should. You deserve better. Personally i'd be petty and try to find the other ladies to show them the video. So they can make an informed desicion.

  53. as a man let me tell you this guy is an idiot, full of red flags. stay away from him and find someone who respects you.

  54. Stop talking to him, sis. He's obviously an immature and disrespectful person, and to do something stupid like that, is just a sign he's not invested in you, or being in a relationship with you.

  55. Yes you should stop talking to him. He’s an asshat and obviously talking to a bunch of girls other than you. Be the one who doesn’t accept his bullshit.

  56. Stop talking to him… instantly. Don’t even think, just block and delete any conversations. From that moment on, he doesn’t exist 💜

  57. Fuck him, he doesn't respect you. It IS a big deal, and he doesnt deserve you or any of the girls in his tiktok. Move along to a better guy. I assure you, its his loss, not yours.

  58. Cut him off don’t continue contact with a “little” boy who chooses to publicly call women thots and brag about flirting with him by sharing private conversations. He is an arsehole and you shouldn’t be wasting your time on him.

  59. From the guy's perspective here: I occasionally see posts from women where they screenshot conversations they have with guys they're talking to on dating apps/social media with the express intent of humiliating them. I would find this extremely disrespectful if someone did that to me. Like you sent that person messages in confidence and they treat you like a joke by sharing them with everyone to get online clout. Don't feed the douche by giving them more attention, they need to learn respect.

  60. Aside from getting your feelings hurt, that’s just cringy. I wouldn’t talk to a guy that did that whether my screenshot was involved or not.

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