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  1. lol you sound a lot like me a few years ago. i found SIkhi (or Sikhism) really allows a lot more freedom of expression than the initial dogma would suggest. the anyone can be a SIkh. the meditation and music in your post is what makes me think it might be a good fit for you. the UU might work also. it is a nice place with very accepting people but it might be hard to find people that believe the same thing as you directly. feel free to pm me if you have any questions or any of this interests you.

  2. I believe in god and his son Jesus Christ as written in the bible. But I don’t support church. I don’t go to Church and I don’t agree with their stance on homosexuality, pre marital sex or tattoos. I don’t think it’s necessary to pray every day although I do pray in times of difficulty. I guess I agree with most peoples ideas of what a good person is if that makes sense. So I don’t know what to say when someone asks me if I’m religious. I’m not baptised and don’t feel the need to be. I guess I have a problem where I have to label everything and I’m wondering if I fall under any religion. I’m not agnostic because in my mind I am 100% sure that god and Jesus exist so I’m just wondering if anyone here can help.

  3. If you believe in the Trinity you are a Christian. Also, some churches are open about premarital sex and LGBT people. Look at Reverend Elizabeth Riley's Tik Tok (@therevriley). She is a bisexual married Episcopalian priestess. By the way, I am a bi Christian too.

  4. So, I believe I'm a LaVeyan Satanist, but I don't agree with all of the guidelines. In fact, I agree with SOME of TST guidelines instead, and even though I'm not a theist, their holidays sound fun. Can I still consider myself a LaVeyan Satanist?

  5. Hi, I'm 17F and I've been searching for my religion for the past 4 years, trying to understand what I do and don't believe in. I don't know how to identify myself and you'll see why I hope my beliefs don't aggravate anybody.

  6. This sounds to me like Gnosticism, which believes in both a good and evil god, syncretism, and less of a moral code. Unitarian Universalist might be another. Most eastern religions have a view of ying-yang/good-evil dualism, genderless gods, and ideas of a general path in life, so maybe something like Hinduism, Buddhism, or Taoism.

  7. I’m guessing you’ve already read Revelation for all faiths. Well then just pray for God to guide you to the truth and keep researching until you find an answer.

  8. I believe in a hybrid of sorts between Rodnovery and Dievturība. I believe in ancestral veneration and the relationship between gods and men being both more mundane and more interactive. As in natural phenomena may be my God. But that's what gods are to me Aspects and personifications This sums up well half

  9. Most of what you say we would disagree with, but Orthodox Christian mystics believe something similar in that all Gods, mythological creatures, and made up things are real. We believe all Universals are spiritual beings.

  10. Hi, not sure if this fits in this thread but thought I’d give it a go - I’m wondering if anyone would be able to list religions similar to Buddhism and Taoism (similar beliefs, practices)? Years ago, I remember stumbling upon a photo document that was a list of “rules” (I think it was between 4-10) to live by. It had very similar vibes to Buddhism and Taoism, but was slightly different. It really sparked something in me and I felt so moved. I just remember it being principles on life such as being kind to others, being in tune with nature, etc. Hoping to just get a list of similar spiritual practices to research into, in the hopes I can find this document from around ten years ago again.

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