I love my grandma with all my heart. But I still found her sharing this meme to be really upsetting. especially since I recently became a closeted bisexual

  1. i dont understand the whole "god hates homosexuality" thing. If god hated homosexuality it wouldnt make people homo or have the ability to make people homo or give them the ability to choose to be gay. the being they say exists as "god" would make homosexuality not exist at all because it has the power to make homo not exist

  2. God reminds me of Chernobog from Fantasia in the context of your comment. Creating beings in his likeness only to throw them into the mountain at his pleasure.

  3. This argument applies to everything, as well. If god is genuinely all-powerful, then everything that exists exists because he wants or at least allows it to exist. This includes all sins, and all suffering.

  4. I think the point of the bible afaik is that there is free will. You can do a lot of "sinful" things but you also have the ability to not do them. Murder is forbidden too but obviously everyone has the ability to murder others.

  5. I did a research long ago in this regards, Christains say their sky daddy doesn't create the homosexual and the transexual. It's the deviant and rebellious tendency of mankind that actually creates gay sexuality. So, god 1 satan 0.

  6. The original word for the sin of pride was "hubris", as in arrogance — having an overly-inflated and unwarranted sense of self-worth that drives one to oppress and abuse others. Just not being ashamed of your fundamental qualities of your person, such as gender or sexuality, is not a sin.

  7. This book was written by many different people spanning a couple thousand years, including many cultures and experiences. No more has been written. It’s done. It’s dead. We don’t live in that world anymore.

  8. I mean, did you really expect people that believe there’s an almighty being in the sky that watches you at all times to have reading comprehension skills?

  9. We can only be the best people we can be and hope that people accept us for who we are. Even when people suck and can't be accepting. I'm sorry your grandmother holds these views and that they hurt you so much. You are who you are, you can't change that and shouldn't even try. No matter how much your loved ones reject it, it's your truth. Live it. Know that many people, both straight and otherwise, have your back and love you for exactly who and what you are and give absolutely zero fucks who you choose to love or be intimate with. I'm hugging you right now in my heart, and hoping you feel that acceptance you can't get from you family coming from me. I'm the father of a bisexual person, and in my eyes you deserve all the love, respect and acceptance in the world.

  10. Well, on the plus side she seems to be taking issue with the whole Pride and it being a sin thing, not so much the being homosexual or bi. Though you obviously know her, so maybe that is just included for her.

  11. Yeah, but the bible is also clear that the earth has four corners, and that the sky is like flypaper where the stars are stuck, with holes in it to let in the rain.

  12. The bible isn't particularly clear on anything. So God created man in his image, no mention of God's sexuality in the bible, and no particular passages saying being gay is even wrong, just some ramblings in the old testament alongside bits saying eating shellfish is wrong and that is a girl turns out not to be a virgin on her wedding night you should murder her and sue her dad for compensation

  13. totally against the "meme" but I can't help but wonder... pride about what? proud of what? where's the pride in something as trivial as sexuality?

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