Saturn S: Almost Triple Expected Time per Layer?

  1. It's always going to be longer then the slicer says. The slicer is a program that works with most printers. Each printer is going to be diff.

  2. Should I just remove the Exposure delay then since the printer is going to add a 4 second delay on its own anyway?

  3. You can edit the estimated print time override in your printer or resin settings. Just add 10 sec to what your burn in is set to, then watch/time 10 normal layers being printed and then divide that number by 10 and that’s your actual layer print time. Once you add those in, your print estimate will be off less than a minute.

  4. I'm less concerned with the estimated print time and more interested in how to control how much time is spent per layer. From what I can see, I only have roughly 4.5 seconds currently invested per my later layers, yet my printer adds 10 seconds doing things around the exposure and delay I set, which I do not understand. I don't see any time on the printer settings in lychee, and I don't see anything on my saturn itself, so I don't know where this comes from or if there's even a way to control it.

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