Prints will not stick to build plate

  1. clean the plate. I have made it a habit to wipe with a micro fiber cloth after prints. I had this problem with my Mars Pro and it was a little bit of resin cured on the plate. I scraped it off with a metal scraper and an iso bath, but I guess the more elegant solution would be soak, wipe with a cloth, then sand flat. I scratched my plate up a little. From what I've read here and there while troubleshooting, the plate is supposed to have a bit of a textured finish so that resin clings onto it. Don't be hasty like me. Scraping it has given me a working printer but I have no idea about any long term consequences

  2. Scuff up the build plate with some sandpaper then clean it really good with IPA. This is what fixed my prints not sticking.

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