hi guys. Same old story, window is not an option, would you recommend the vent blowing the VOC gases into this cabon filter model?

  1. I personally wouldn't do anything less than an enclosed setup venting outside. While I was stepping up my filtration/venting I tried a multi carbon filter setup for a single 3 hour print, not even in the same room and the fumes were still bad enough that my sinuses were shot and had a headache for the next day.

  2. I just decided to move my entire setup outside entirely and covered it with a tarp works great. I was in the same situation like you I didn't have window option and honestly got headaches and my gf felt sick when she stayed the night. But after moving it outside its alot better and cheaper than ventilation set up.

  3. That is my dream, unfortunately the house is not mine ๐Ÿ˜‚, and the walls are that very large concrete bricks...the only window in my room open like a door, I can't do anything ๐Ÿ˜ข

  4. I print inside an indoor grow tent with a large carbon filter like that inside. I set a 4" fan on top, taped it together and called it a day. I have no air exchange in or out of the tent. I have the option of pumping the air outside, but choose to do it this way so that I can also keep a heater in the enclosure. The whole operation sits on a separate desk less than 10 feet from me and I've never had any issue with headaches, smell or anything.

  5. If you all have the same answer that is blow the VOC outside the house then why do you even waste your time answering.. I know that 80%.of everyone in this group does not have this set up and I'm looking for these people experience

  6. I made an enclosure with a 4 inch exhaust fan going into a carbon canister filter and it eliminated the odor completely. I also run a hepa air purifier in the same room but thatโ€™s for other reasons.

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