Thoughts on my current setup? (info in comments)

  1. Hey guys! I've had this set up going for a few months now and wanted to get the communities thoughts on how I could improve it. Because I live in an apartment my space is limited but I think I've made the best of it so far. There is no smell both when it's not printing or when the ventilation system is running which I only turn on while it is actively printing. I'm also wanting to get an actual wash station, but with the space given I'm really unsure of what could work. Thanks for taking a look! I'm happy to answer any questions, this station took a lot longer to piece together than I thought it would.

  2. That means a lot man thank you! Yeah I am super happy I found a cart that worked- I might want to go in and seal all the little holes that exist around the connecting pieces still but its been treating me great overall.

  3. Looks great. Might want to consider a plastic office chair mat for under the cart to catch the inevitable splashes when cleaning. I have a 180 mm x 120 mm polycarbonate office chair mat under my setup and it's saved the carpet a few times. Cheers.

  4. Looks like you have an awesome little setup and you make really good use of the space you have. Did you build that sliding rack thing or buy it from somewhere?

  5. It looks great. Only thing I could see to improve it would be if you were somehow able to bring the printer up to your level rather than having to bend down for all the work

  6. I've been trying to figure out how to get my resin printer going in my apartment, and this looks very nice! Where do you put the waste (used gloves, supports, etc.)?

  7. I cure everything with resin on it, then chuck it in the kitchen trashcan! I've thought about having a separate small trashcan for this setup but honestly the regular trashcan is almost directly off camera so I just use the one I already have for the sake of space.

  8. What are the fans called that attach to the tumble dryer hose? I have a similar setup and tried using a 120mm computer fan but it had nowhere near enough throughput to stop fumes seeping out.

  9. Awesome setup. Pop one of those Elegoo/Anycubic air filters inside and that should get rid of the remaining odor trapped under the lid.

  10. no eye protection? you should look for the post where a guy got resin in his eye and almost went blind. Iirc, he accidentally dropped the build plate into the vat and resin flung into his eye.

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