How many of you own an Arduino/ESP32/Raspberry Pi and have 8 toggle switches and 8 LEDs in your spare parts?

  1. Those would definitely withstand a lot of flipping! It might be tricky to find an 8-gang box to mount them all in though. ;-þ

  2. Have you seen the prices raspberry pi go for these days? Idk about you but most people i know don't just have a spare pi they're not using for anything (well except myself, bought a pi 4 for a project which I never ended up following through with)

  3. I’ve got an 8-pin dip switch in front of me for some extra finger shredding fun. Is the goal to make the weirdest front panel?

  4. I'm not dead sure about the momentary switches, but the other stuff I've got several times over. I'm interested to hear what you have in mind.

  5. Have the GPIO capable devices, but not enough LEDs and no toggle switches. Plenty of momentary switches leftover from buying switches for my FinalGROM99.

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