Queens that have won multiple lip syncs but you wouldn't consider lip sync assassins?

  1. Delta Work had 2 lipsync wins out of 3, the only one where I think she did pretty good was against Mariah. Regardless I think she's an amazing performer and has become my favorite drag queen post rpdr.

  2. Phoenix won that lip sync hands down and I still can’t believe they used the “but she copied Gaga’s choreography!” shtick to get rid of her.

  3. Has Miz Cracker won multiple lipsyncs? AFAIK she has lost two (Kameron and Roxxxy), tied one (Morgan) and won one (Kennedy)

  4. came here to say this! I think she's a great lip syncer and very smart with her performances, but she doesn't have the je-ne-sais-quoi of a natural LSA

  5. She absolutely entertains though. She's very classic campy British drag, but she is not kicking and splitting and shit

  6. I think her performances are good but her face is very one-note Edit: not intended as a joke about fillers

  7. something I hated about her lip syncs in AS7 was how she always interacted with the other queen in honestly quite a disruptive way

  8. I would probably consider Trinity the Tuck a lipsync assaisn, if hadn't seen that awful lipsync where she wore that old fatsuit, with long titties and some medical equipment.

  9. I saw her live a few weeks ago and her lip syncs were incredible! She didn’t do anything we haven’t seen on the show, but I was surprised how different it seemed in person vs on tv. There was such an it factor to her performance that I wasn’t expecting, it was great. But I agree; I don’t think of her as an assassin.

  10. I'm gonna say Symone. Just don't feel like she's very versatile when it comes to giving different performances, it's all kinda the same in my opinion.

  11. amen, to have won 6 lip syncs (7 if you include the top 4 to Whitney Houston) on a single season I can't say she really impressed me with any of them. I genuinely enjoyed Tamisha, Kandy, and even Utica more when they went up against her. Does that make her a bad winner? absolutely not but I feel she would've benefited more had she not had to lip sync nearly as much.

  12. Manila Luzon. Her highs are so high, MacArthur Park and How Will I Know were both legendary. But her lows are so low. She retreats into cringy camp when in doubt, which is frequently.

  13. Ok Jinkx is my all-time queen but the only lipsync I will say she absolutely assassinated was vs detox on season 5. I think Symone is a lipsync assassin in my book. She doesn’t do any stunts. Maybe I just like the way she emotes during lipsyncs.

  14. She delivered two really great lipsyncs and also the cringiest lipsync of all time, the versatility that she possesses🤩🤩🤩

  15. I actually like Kill The Lights. Jackie is serving crazed weirdo and it works for me. Plus it was different than her other lipsyncs.

  16. No queen can lip sync to every genre imo. Give a death drop dancing queen camp or emotional and watch the train wreck.

  17. Personally I would say Silky. She benefitted a lot on AS6 from her competition not being the best lipsyncers, and even then she relied on props and gags, also no shade but Jan won their lipsync

  18. I think if Jan did win the “Heartbreaker” lip sync that Eureka would still have returned because she DEMOLISHED the “Since U Been Gone” Lipsync

  19. I'm going to go for it; Silky Nutmeg Ginache. IMHO, her lip syncs tend to be too prop/gimmick heavy for my tastes. Also said gimmicks rarely enhance the performance, or rather tend to be more for the gimmick/reveal's sake rather than having much to do with the song/performance. All those reveals in "Since You've Been Gone", "No Scrubs", "Bootylicious" (granted she lost that one), and the random props in "Point of No Return" and really even "Song for the Lonely". If I'm going to be honest, Jan, Scarlet, and frankly even Jiggly gave better overall performances, but Silky pulled out props to varying levels of success and beaf them out. And as fun as "Barbie Girl" was, the fact remains she didn't actually beat/compete against anyone that round.

  20. Symone is a very interesting case, because when you look at her perform she actually does almost nothing onstage, but manages to make it seem like A LOT, which is a really good skill to have, but at the same time yes, she's doing almost nothing.

  21. I consider Naomi an assassin though I never see her name mentioned when people talk about them.

  22. Definitely Alaska. Majority of the lipsyncs she won during AS2 were undeserved. Also, unpopular opinion but Kameron Michaels. I just find her lipsync style to be repetitive and doesn’t excite me at all.

  23. 100 percent agree on the Kameron Michaels comment. I remember seeing identical moves in some of the lip syncs and I was like oh.. that again..

  24. I'd go with Silky. Her lipsyncs are always messy. I seen the post on here before the lipsync smackdown episode on All-stars 6 and Idk if I expected to much. But I didn't at the time and still don't get the hype. I've only enjoyed her Barbie girl lipsync and that was still messy but definitely iconic. I'll give her that one

  25. Shae, maybe because Sasha demolished her and from that moment on I always feel that even when she’s good she seems to struggle, but maybe it’s just me

  26. Cameron Michaels. The lipsync to "New Attitude" was stellar, but I didn't love any of her others. She kinda won by default against Monét and Cracker. Monét because she just couldn't deliver on the runway, and Cracker because, well..........Cracker. 😬

  27. She does the same moves over and over... I was lowkey disgusted when she tied Jujubee and Coco's record for most lipsync wins at the time.

  28. Kameron to me assassin also implies they have to kill a lip sync and she only gives the same level of pretty good every time

  29. Alaska, chad Michaels, Trinity the Tuck and Jinkx definitely come to mind. Actually a lot of winners. I’d also say Lawrence Chaney, Aquaria and Symone fit this as well, though Aquaria is a pretty fierce lip syncer, just not on the show ig.

  30. Denali is a great dancer. So anything needing lots of high energy choreo fits her well. But her lipsync against Lala Ri showed her weakness. She does not emote with her face as well as other queens, so when matched up against a queen with similar dancing skills, she immediately falls behind if they’e better at the actual lipsyncing.

  31. I know I'm in the extreme minority here but I personally have never really understood the hype around her 100% Pure Love lip sync

  32. Agree for AS6 but the unhinged mania of Show Me Love and I Think We’re Alone Now in S7 lives in my mind forever more. When she does camp well she does it extremely well.

  33. Tia Kofi - I still can't get behind her win in "Don't Start Now" Astina was giving it her all and Tia kinda just flung her arms around and broke her knees, even against Joe Black she was pretty weak imo (that crunchy off beat death drop needs and eviction from my mind 💀). And I think she really gave up against Lawrence, I mean I don't blame her it was clear they weren't sending Lawrence home no matter how she did.

  34. Is Alaska considered an assassin? I know she’s won multiple but I’m not sure if I’m the only one who doesn’t consider her a LSA lol.

  35. y'all on here discrediting symone fr "doing the same thing" or not doing all that much, yet hype up people like sasha just because we only saw her lip sync twice. What would sasha be without her reveals?

  36. She doesn’t do the splits and death drops like a lot of other LSAs do but her stage presence and emoting are perfect, you can’t help but watch her and that’s what makes an assassin imo

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