[POLL RESULTS] Reddit's Ranking of the Main Series Winners

  1. She easily would've been in the top only a few months ago. People loved her. Her friendship with Gottmik and booting of Raja definitely hurt her recently, but I feel like she'll bounce back.

  2. Or maybe in the grand scheme of things she’s just one of the weakest winners in terms of overall C.U.N.T. She struggled to stay out of the bottom in nearly all of the non-design challenges (and that was mainly due to Pearl and Miss Fame being in the same cast) and was pretty much given the win by default because Ginger got such a negative edit despite doing well all season and practically no one agreeing with Pearl making Top 3.

  3. Yeah the fandom is so fleaky, anything makes them hate any queen, anytime specially if you don’t agree with their faves

  4. I also think it's because it was so long ago she's not doing a lot of the main attractions such as the Vegas show or work the world. So there may be a time gap in between her and more relevant current queens. Not to detract from her awesomeness. Just a thought

  5. Just speaking for myself, I’d have always put Violet this low. Just never clicked with her as much as other winners.

  6. If anybody is curious but doesn't want to look through all the data, the most one-sided poll was Jinkx Monsoon vs. Sharon Needles and Sharon only got 2.6% of the vote.

  7. Idk about that. I mean the top 4 queens are all Logo era. The bottom two makes sense given they’re the most controversial. The middle girls sound about right. The one who maybe got a little boosted from more recent exposure was Raja, but she’s always been considered a strong queen. And Jaida being in the top 5 I think reflects the fact that she’s one of the most likeable girls on this list and her win was not predetermined from the start so it really feels like she worked her ass off for it. Edit: Logo, not VH1

  8. I mean there is always going to be a level of bias to these kinds of polls. You're asking a large group of people to vote who they think is better, and that will always be subjective both to the voter(s) and to the time frame.

  9. I'm inclined to agree somewhat. Like, yes - Jinx is universally loved. But I DO think that had this been before AS7, there's a better chance of Bob being the top.

  10. Feels so good to see the essence of Tajín beauty in fifth. Jaida and Raja slayed AS7 so I only hope it gets even more fiercealicious for them from now on.

  11. It's also arithmetic, Jinkx has more chances to be first since she's an earlier winner. If you look at the data, post S9 Bob is above Jinkx every time

  12. Bruh they entered a TV drag competition where they get compared and ranked every week, some of them more than once, I think they can probably cope with a harmless Reddit poll that they’re not even going to see

  13. Thought BDR would be more of a contender. Did not realise Bob was so beloved! Surprised she is #1 over Jinkx in all the comparisons post S9.

  14. In what universe did she not deserve to win? Shitty was disqualified, Gigi was politically tone deaf (and slightly favored at some points), and Crystal didn’t have the track record or the edit

  15. I am a bit suprised by the last two placements. I mean I knew they'd be in the lat two places....spoilers if you haven't seen the results (but to be honest, why are you reading the comments first?)

  16. tbf Sharon did arguably worse things, and the downfall of Tyra is at the large fault of the fans, the more recent things she did are inexcusable and I agree with her being cancelled for them, but the hate she got before was pure racism.

  17. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am 100% sure that if it wasn't for the recency of AS7, Bob would have locked that first place and the second and third places would be a fight between Bianca and Jinkx

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