If your country had its own franchise, who would make a great Snatch Game celebrity?

  1. For Sweden, honestly so many of the housewives from Svenska hollywoodfruar ("swedish hollywood-wives). But mostly Maria Montazami (lovable and super sweet) or Anna Anka/Gunilla Persson (both are known as people you just love to hate, with gunilla still clinging on that one movie she was in once 30+ years ago).

  2. Niurka, Lolita and Galilea.. oh my god YES. I need them. I’d like to add Paty Chapoy and Adela Micha. Also I feel like at this point Yari Mejia has sooo much material to work with.

  3. Bollywood celebs are a ripe ground for imprsonation, really - they're all too dramatic. Alia, Priyanka, Karan Jo would be great to make fun of, SRK has already been done but it'd be fun to see a drag twist. Politics! Can you imagine Mayawati, Didi, Indira Gandhi or our current reigning :P Then you have the news circus - Goswami B Dutt. Gawd Indian Snatch Game would be a hoot!

  4. I’m from Ireland and it would be my little fantasy to see Teresa Mannion in snatch game. If you don’t recognise the name, she was an RTE news reporter that went viral for making the most dramatic live weather report.

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