Now that CAN3 is wrapped, can we get some love for this queen? 👏🏾🤎🤎

  1. I remember I had picked her for top3, and in episode 1 I swore she was winning that challenge. Imagine my shock when she was announced safe…

  2. I definitely thought Jada was safe and Bombae was winning. When it cut to the safe queens in untucked, Bombae just looked out of place there.

  3. Bombae really showed out. She's smart, witty, funny, absolutely modelesque and came up with such clever ideas on the runway. Go support this queen! Hope she gets to showcase more of herself sooner than later. My pick for miss congeniality.

  4. What she said about borrowing from women and why it makes no sense to not include women in drag is one of my favourite things said on a drag race series ever

  5. She wasn't eliminated in it cause she did an ugly reveal 💀 I really do feel like she could've stayed if she kept her original look on.

  6. Her makeup video was the funniest one. I truly didn't care about whose makeup looked the best. I just wanted to be entertained and hers did the job. I was so mad she ended up in the bottom.

  7. This. Of all the girls that tried to do funny for the challenge (Vivian, Gisèle, Irma), Bombae was the only one that made me laugh. I love Gisèle but that was cringe. Not to mention all of them were negatively critiqued for going comedy route except for Vivian.

  8. If Ru was judging the commercials, this bitch had a good shot at winning because she was hilarious, and Ru loves stupid. To me, she had no business being in the bottom 2 (and I will die on this hill).

  9. I love Bombae, fell in love with her personality since episode 1. Although I love most of the queens in this season, Bombae really has a special quality about her. She’s such a star in the making, and she was hands down the runway queen this season.

  10. It was very Parks and Recreation and I think maybe they just weren't familiar with the source material. Same with Valentina as Eartha Kitt and Elektra Shock as Moira Rose.

  11. Bombae had such a weird trajectory on the show.. From the MTQs I instantly pegged her as top 3 material and throughout the season she was one of the best confessional queens..... but then she was robbed of a high placement episode 1 and didnt even make top 6!!

  12. I love her so much! She’s incredibly polite and she takes criticism very well. It seems like she’s really there to not just compete, but to also learn and grow. It’s really refreshing when a queen has that mindset on the show.

  13. I (and based on fan reactions like everyone else too lol) feel the same way, like I acknowledge that her makeup is crunchy and a lot of her looks and performances weren’t THAT good but I just…can’t shake the feeling that she’s a winner and a star.

  14. I LOVE her. And i think her make up especially for canada drag race is just fine. They just slept on her. Fashionable, camp, intelligent, and a narrator’s spirit. Yea they was sleeping on her thinking it was slumber time

  15. That crown look was the second best of the night. First being Isis, and third being Gisele. It’s always funny when the eliminated queens and the reigning champion overshadow the top queens.

  16. I don't think robbed but definitely cut sooner than a lot of us expected. She was a great contestant that unfortunately slipped up on a challenge and then got bested in the lip-sync following :(

  17. Slept on her all season and then sent her home for a top-worthy challenge performance just because it called out racism. SMH.

  18. Her goddess look was my favourite, like, I love taking that prompt out of the typical beauty queen direction

  19. Hmmmmm idk, she's giving me a wannabe fashion girl. Maybe if she improves her make-up and gets some finances she can fare better

  20. I don't know if you're just trying to be negative on purpose or what but these looks definitely don't look cheap. And she's not just going for pretty, there is thought behind these looks. It's completely her own, there's nothing "wannabe" about it.

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