/r/ryerson 2021-2022 Admissions Megathread Part 1

  1. Is there anyone who got their offer revoked for fall 2022? Or does tmu offer extra courses when the conditions are not met?

  2. does anyone know how long it takes to get the final offer after sending in the provisional results? (I got a conditional offer and got my final A level grades)

  3. did you do anything to increase your chances of being accepted? like call admissions or something? just wondering cause im still on the waitlist

  4. not in the CS waitlist, currently waitlisted for btm but congrats bro i can imagine that it must feel really good. Hopefully they still send out waitlist offers until august lol. Can I ask, did they call/email you to let you know you were off the waitlist?

  5. Is there a group chat for recently admitted students for Urban and Regional planning? (Discord, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

  6. I think it depends on the program, for example I heard that part-time CS to full-time CS is not possible or even if it is you can only switch after 4 semesters worth of courses (2 years). I got into BTM part-time and was wondering the same thing, if I can transfer into full-time after 1st year.

  7. Has anyone gotten a response from the computer science department? it's July and my application is still under review

  8. FINALLY to BTM from the waitlist even tho i heard people had higher average than me in the waitlist. Not sure how that works but im happy with it😎

  9. Hey, Im on the waitlist as well for BTM, 105 applicant. I was wondering if you did anything to further your application, like complete a course, or did they just accept you after time?

  10. If you don't mind me asking how did you know you were let off the waitlist, did they directly contact you or did your RAMSS portal update or something. I am also waiting for BTM.

  11. What kind of equipment would one need for taking Aerospace engineering? Specifications for things like computers is appreciated

  12. congratulations! wish you the best in your next chapter!! if you don't mind me asking, did you receive a phone call, or was it by email?

  13. I am planning on deferring my offer but admissions told me it is reviewed and you may or may not be accepted. Anyone previously got accepted for a deferral to tmu entering year? how hard is it to actually get the deferral and what goes into consideration? do marks play a role?

  14. I applied before the deadline for the MPPA program and I believe they said you should get a reply of some sort in early consideration. I still haven’t gotten a response of a rejection or offer yet. I emailed the program coordinator 3 weeks ago and they didn’t really answer my question about early consideration. They just said they’re still reviewing applications and such could take as long as the summer term. That is bizarre to me since I’ve been notified that most of the seats have been filled by now (program allows 35-45 people each year and the Facebook group for new students has like 36 people in it). I’m unsure if I’m on a waitlist of some kind because I assume they would notify me about that.

  15. Has anyone actually gotten accepted this month or am I just waiting to either get rejected or waitlisted cause that’s what it feels like rn lmao.

  16. Its okay!! i was waitlisted last year for media production and ended up taking a gap year, re applying and got in this year! I couldn't have imaged it being any other way cause the gap year ended up being the best year of my life! If you feel like this program is worth waiting for take a year off, take some courses to bump up your average and re apply next fall. that's what i did. Best of luck to you!

  17. Still haven’t heard back from my application for social work as a 105 applicant. Got accepted to GBC for SSW and the deadline to pay the deposit is June 15. Gahhhh at this point I don’t care if I get in or not I just want an answer so I can pay the deposit in peace

  18. Hi guys, I applied the ryserson uni(aka TMU) this falls and havent received any final decision from them. Is there anyone havent got it? Fyi I applied marketing program as mature yr cuz i graduated college. If anyone who know any info..?🥲

  19. my application is still under review and tmrw is deadline to pay deposit, does anyone know if i pay my deposit for urban planning and get accepeted to BM after the dealine if they would give me a refund?

  20. You don't need to pay twice or get a refund later. Just pay for one of your programs and the money will automatically transfer later to the program that you chose!

  21. Hi, I applied to public health as a 105 really late (like at the start may). I was at uottawa mechanical engineering and the program just wasn't for me. university grades were shit (in the low 60s, but there was personal stuff going on) but highschool average was a 90. Whats the chance I get accepted?

  22. Hi! I was in mechEng too, i was doing a bachelors degree in Europe before I came back home to Canada last winter. I had shitty grades too, avg of like 70% but for my OSSD top 6 avg, I had a 92%. I got into architecture this april and now going to be a first year this fall! And I was a 105 applicant too and I also applied very late, and still got in, not even wait listed. So I think ur chances r good! Hopes this helps

  23. Hey when is the latest 105 applicants can hear back? I'm an undergrad student. I heard a couple of people have been hearing back these past few days

  24. Accepted my rye BTM offer. I did look at the conditional offer prior but does anyone recall what average must be upheld for 12U Calculus & Vectors?

  25. Advanced Standing 2nd Year Here - Got my offer late May, it expired. I got an offer to reactivate recently, which I did & accepted. I had until next week to accept. Probably will send the next batch of acceptances out after next week

  26. Anyone know how easy/hard it is to get into the BTM part-time program. I applied to it 2 weeks ago just in case I dont get into the main program. Im a uni transfer student

  27. I'm a 105 applicant (university transfer) into the BTM program, is May 27 the final deadline for 105's too or do I still have a chance of getting in/waitlisted.

  28. I'm pretty sure that 105 applicants can actually still get an offer in June. I'm pretty sure Ryerson/TMU has it somewhere on their website that the deadline is different

  29. Message me if you’re going into first year undergrad architectural science! I can’t seem to find anyone who’s been admitted too ☺️

  30. Approaching the end now and I’m rlly confused are they really going to wait until the last second to give me a decision. I’ve applied for bm.

  31. i got wait listed for ryerson how does that work if I accept another offer and pay their deposit but get off the waitlist and accept the ryerson program do I keep my money

  32. waitlisted from ryerson nursing (main site) with a 91% average (my top choice) but got accepted to the gbc campus… should i accept the gbc campus or wait and see for the main site?

  33. Hey! I just finished my second year at the gbc site. I was in the same situation as you. I accepted the gbc site since it was my second choice from the main site and that I didn't want to wait. I would follow up with the admissions office or TMU servicehub maybe in a month or two from now and ask if there is still any space at the main site since people might drop their offers. Besides that, I wish you good luck! Nursing is an amazing profession and you will have fun :).

  34. Dont stress about the decision and instead be grateful you have the decision to make. Relax with gratitude and close your eyes and see where that takes you.

  35. got waitlisted for nursing mainsite and the gbc collab one with an 88% midterm. still waiting on the centennial program 😍😍

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