Commuting from Hamilton to Ryerson and back

  1. I think West Harbour Go would be your station. It'll take you to Union. From Union you'll take the subway north to Dundas station. When you get off, you'll be at Yonge Dundas Square, aka basically on campus.

  2. i used to visit my ex who lived in hamilton- i would usually take the GO bus from union station into hamilton, or i’d take the GO train into Aldershot- i’m not sure if it stops directly in hamilton now. Then from Union, just take Yonge Line 1 up to dundas which will have you on campus! Or vice versa leaving campus, take line 1 Southbound to Union:)

  3. all the GO options are on the website with times- it’ll tell you if there’s a train, bus etc at the time you’re looking for. get a presto card, you can get one with a discounted rate through the school

  4. so from what I know you would take the go from Hamilton to union, and from there u would take subway line 1 to reach Dundas station and then just walk to the lecture halls. You would take the same route both ways :)

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