What is the most underrated Sabaton song?

  1. GOTT MIT UNS! YES! The Swedish version is even better than the English version (imo), and the lead guitar part is so much fun to play

  2. This song doesn’t excist on the normal version of the album on apple music, however it does on the symphonic version and history version very sad for me :(

  3. Yes I was hoping someone would say this! I didn’t really like it the first time I heard it but it’s gradually become one of my favorites

  4. It's one of the few songs that always makes me feel melancholic and even frustrated. I imagine some of the Peacekeepers would agree given how little they are actually allowed to do...

  5. Seconded, I always thought Sabaton’s sad and mourning songs are their best, so much raw emotion. Everyone knows about En Livstid, The final solution, price of a mile etc while Ruina Imperii often flies under the radar

  6. This is one of my favorites and also one of my favorite stories from WWII. There’s a book by the same name (written by Steven Harding) that’s really good too!

  7. I think i saw Blood of Bannockburn mentioned only once here, the other times it was me talking about it, such an energetic song


  9. I definitely think Smoking Snakes is under appreciated, such an amazing song, fantastic beat and tempo, and such an inspiring story to it as well

  10. I have a soft spot for Light in the black. I understand why people don't talk about it much, I just wish I would hear someone mention in at least once or twice.

  11. I know that for whom the bell tolls is a Metallica song but I think the sabaton cover is great and I’ve never seen anyone talk about it, it’s in the best album and I’ve still never heard anyone talk about it

  12. I have observed that there are several songs from Heroes that get overshadowed by To Hell and Back, Resist and Bite, and Night Witches, and any others I might be forgetting.

  13. Stormtroopers isn't underrated at all, its the most listened to song of the new album and widely regarded as the best from what I've seen.

  14. A VERY overshadowed song: There's an instrumental called "Guten nacht" that I've never seen mentioned. It's a pretty short song, but still good in my opinion.

  15. Hearts of Iron for me. It's the perfect mix of melancholy and hope, defeat and victory. And it's also helping me a lot to still pull through these days (been pretty rough the passt two months for me)

  16. Agreed ita so good, the opening verse of "SEE THE REICH IN FLAMES TRY TO SAVE BERLIN IN VEIN ITS A ROAD THROUGH DEATH AND PAIN ON THE OTHER SHORE ITS THE END OF THE WAR" just get me so hyped up, hello from another Hearts of Iron chad

  17. Soldier of heaven, might be because it has a different style than most sabaton songs, but I honestly think that people should talk more, might be because I have some Italian biased tho

  18. Unbreakable and Glorious land. Seriously, these two songs can be relatable to nearly any nation throughout the history, and yet for some reason they don’t get the acknowledgement they deserve

  19. I would say that Purple Heart is one of the most underrated Sabaton songs. Purple Heart is also one of my favorites because of it's main chorus.

  20. the last battle. its such a banger… it is the least talked about song on the last stand album and tbh least talked about in the entire discography of sabaton. its one of my top 5

  21. Soo: Dominium Marus Baltici, Sun Tzu Says...Jokes aside, for me, it's The Art of War, Glorious land, Swedish Pagans, Ruina Imperii

  22. I have quite a few. Ghost In The Trenches (cuz I’m Canadian, eh?), The Last Battle (I have a soft spot for WWII, and moments of humanity between the opposite sides of a war), Wolfpack (it’s just awesome “569 makes the contact and lead them, U-94 scores a kill in the dark, 124 sinking 4 in 2 approaches, 406 suffers failure on launch” how can you just not love that?), The Final Solution+Wehrmacht, they just hit hard

  23. I see mostly semi-known songs, almost all of them have history episodes and stuff. I would say 7734

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