December 14… What could it be?

  1. Well it's possible (although ublikely) they are going to announce an album on that day, but definitely not release one

  2. That “Weapons of the Modern Age” thing? That some guy pulled out of his ass and posted with a poorly cropped image? While I’d love to see this, I doubt it.

  3. You reckon they'll announce it that date or that it'll take place on that date? I was meant to be on the cruise in 2020 but it was cancelled due to Covid :(

  4. Last album they had a song about Bulgaria in WWI, maybe they’ll delve deeper into balkan heroism and would leave muh frense n ingerland for once

  5. Whatever it is, it’s gonna be a great three days for me, because the 12th is my birthday and the 13th is my mom’s

  6. 40k and Sabaton would go VERY WELL together, but it’s perhaps too extreme even for Sabaton. Last time they did a song like that it was called Wehrmacht and it didn’t exactly be praised by everyone

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