Just lost my boyfriend, dog and home

  1. Sometimes we need to loose what makes us happy to understand what will make us happy. Life will always push forward, but that doesn’t mean you have to always race with it. This is the time to look deep inside yourself. What steps do I need to take to find that happens again, what lies within yourself that makes you happy? If you need to talk I’ll lend an ear if not believe in yourself 🙂 you can get through this and you are worth it

  2. If you paid vet bills on the dog he legally cant keep the dog. As long as the bill is in your name. You can definitely fight it that way.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that, darling. I know how it feels when you lose the dog. Mine died from kidney disease a few weeks ago, and it still hurts. I had to adopt a new puppy just to get over with that. Otherwise, I'm still crying. Find yourself a new puppy and be courageous. You can make it through. I'm a depressed soul all the way long. So I can feel how people feel. My messages are all open if you want to talk about anything and to free your mind.

  4. I know you miss your dog and are grieving for your once potential future, but think of this as a beautiful opportunity to go anywhere. Sell heavy things, condense sentimental things into just a box or two. Move to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

  5. Well if you have no home, you don't need a dog. But just take everything one step at a time. Start off with getting another place to live. Or have a friend to move with until you do.

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