What phones, from S series, does have a flat display?

  1. Ty <3 but idk i don't really have the budget to buy one of those :) Idk maybe i will wait till the price would go down and it could be "affordable" for me

  2. I'd note that the curved screens aren't as dramatic as the s10 plus, personally I'm not bothered by them now, but would like flat screens eventually

  3. The s21 ultra and the s22 ultra are barely curved. So, I don't think accidental touches are an issue - nonetheless, the (slight) curve prevents you from easily applying glass screen protectors also on these.

  4. Idk i just found that s10 e and s20 fe has flat display. I am not really interested in s1... s9 or things like that. Do you know any other phone after s10 e that has flat display?

  5. Are you using a phone without a case? I don't think I encountered that problem much when I was handling my S9

  6. I used a s20 FE I honestly miss it. If you don't need a latest and greatest, get something like a s20 fe or one of the mid range phones sold on samsung like the galaxy A series

  7. I moved from the s7 edge to an s10e, it's a lot faster but it's getting older and older, still not a bad choice if you can get it for a deal I think, but personally if my phone breaks anymore, I think I'm gonna get an s10 just because of the 2gb more of ram

  8. So your saying the s20 fe 5g does have some curves in the screen ..cause I notice mine humps up in certain spots..especially when hot..may be in my head,I'm not sure if it's more in my head or not

  9. S21 FE? it's pretty good phone for the price IMO. Love the size. Hey OP i also upgraded from S7 ( the non-edge ) and I've been loving my S21 FE 😏. Night photography is surprisingly good

  10. S22 S22+ S21 And S21+ ,S20 FE all flat displays. Samsung's curved displays have improved in the past so i think the S7 was one of the first with a curved display so problems are to be expected. On the new One UI there are options in the settings to turn off High Sensitivity on the display which should fix your issue with the accidental touches. I think buy an S22 series as they are very good.

  11. Which is the most unpleasant choice possible! Using a spen with a curved display is something horrible!!!! I have note20ultra and it is really annoying

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