As seen in San Diego - Hillcrest

  1. This shell is definitely a tourist trap type place, I’m guessing because it’s right next to the hospital? It has the largest selection of glass bottle sodas, some of which I’ve only ever seen at this particular shell and nowhere else in San Diego. It used to be the only place I could find Cheer Wine here.

  2. I think they bump it up a bit because they have the gas rewards program with Ralph’s. Always wondered why it was so much higher.

  3. That Shell station has always had awful prices, even before things got crazy. I think the Valero station down the other side of Washington St near the 5 has got better prices…

  4. The Chevron on Washington/university Ave/El cajon Blvd also has terrible $6/gallon pricing. But I'm a lazy bastard that lives incredibly close and keep going back due to convenience :(

  5. I saw it the other day irl. This is one of the most over priced stations in the county. It's more or as much as the Shell by the airport. This station exists to sell energy drinks to hospital employees. No one gets gas there.

  6. But they put additives in the gas that will kill ya and burn your lungs. Oh wait no.. I was thinking of the cigarettes

  7. At what point are people going to say enough is enough with the insane gas, rent, mortgage, & grocery prices in San Diego? Who do you think is profiting from this? Certainly not the middle or lower class. When does this end?

  8. You can’t tax the rich! The dumb-ass middle and lower classes (98% of people) will not allow it. They think they might be rich one day too! AND they’re happy working as slaves for the crazy rich people robbing them blind!! Stupid is as stupid does!

  9. Sure there are corporations who turn more profit (pharma)... and some that will gouge. but in general when you print trillions of dollars with no additional economic productivity - you get inflation. Higher prices don't always mean corporations are charging more to generate higher profits. If you're a painter and you now pay $6.50 for a gallon of gas, your paint has gone up by 40% and your cost of living has jumped by 30%... Do you continue to charge your customers the same price? No, you have to go up to keep pace... you're not gouging and your not earning more profit, you're simply staying afloat.

  10. What happened to those checks they were talking about sending out? You know, the ones they talked about when they decided NOT to drop gas taxes to help us out.

  11. Wait for election time to come rolling around. That's when the checks will come out. You know, thanks for the vote. But, no coincidence funds are being distributed at election time. Happy accident, convenient timing. That's all. Totally not buying votes.

  12. Stop driving!!! Move closer to work. Trade homes with the other idiots who drive the opposite way on the freeways everyday!! Simple!!! UNBELIEVABLE how people think they’re entitled to drive anywhere they want any time they want and not expect to pay higher prices for the gas they are wasting!

  13. This is the gas station by my house so I often wind up here out of laziness/necessity. The worst :(

  14. With both the housing market increasing and the gas how it is. For those that want to move can’t afford the gas to get out of the county.

  15. This Shell is notorious for always having insanely higher gas prices than other gas stations Edit: used to work on this block for 9 years

  16. Chevron and shell are always most expensive I go to arco or a liquor store gas station ⛽ it has been proven that those different quality gases are just about the same..

  17. Shell Premium V-power Nitro. Only gas my cars gets. If you want the best you pay for it. Given this place is top of the most expensive in town for shell.

  18. Ah nice! I live at 3rd and Lewis which is 2-3 blocks from here. This Shell always have gas that is over current market value. However, they have an international candy section that goes hard. Staff chill AF too.

  19. That gas station is notorious for price gouging. Go a mile or two down the road to Clover Market for much better prices.

  20. Come SHELL out $100 for a full tank. That Costco membership is sounding more and more tempting every day. In the meantime, ultramar or BUST!

  21. I always love that there's usually a cheaper gas station right next to it. YET PEOPLE STILL FILL UP AT THE MORE EXPENSIVE ONE

  22. Sadly, we may be in for a long term change here. This station has always been the highest in the area,. With the west shutting off Russian oil, it's likely that the global price for crude will remain high or get higher. That may force the US towards a more global price on gasoline. In much of europe it has been from $8-10 for at least the last 10 years. Opening more offshore drills or wells wont make any difference, as the path from there to flowing fuel is years long and the price is set globally. Time to start rethinking our consumption patterns and choice of vehicles.

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