Is it the illness or medication

  1. When I first started writing this comment I was going to say that it's the illness more than medication, but upon further inspection, I realized that my anhedonia got worse after I got medicated. It doesn't seem to matter if I force myself to do something that once interested me, it feels useless.

  2. Hey OP, as someone with schizoaffective disorder along with ptsd, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder (which brings on the schizoaffective disorder)- please please do not keep telling yourself you’re broken. Your inner voice to yourself needs to be kinder. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s hard not to feel that way. We are our own worst enemies sometimes. No one will ever know how hard we are on ourselves, but we have to remember to sometimes tell our inner voice to stop being a cunt. Why? Because we’re out here still living and working hard on feeling good. It’s always going to be work. For us folks we have to put in a little more. But I swear it pays off. Perhaps see about changing your doses. Talk with your doctor how you’re feeling. Meds are tools though to help us. Not a cure all. So if that means making tiny adjustments in your life everyday to get out of that “numb” feeling. You absolutely can do it.

  3. Thanks for this, I guess I just feel like all the things that made me who I am are slipping away. I will definitely talk to my doctor about an adjustment, and look into finding a therapist.

  4. Honestly, I relate. & I think it is a combination of meds & the mental illness. Depression can also do this. I used to draw, paint, sculpt, write poetry, & study all sorts of stuff. But over time I've become very blah. I don't even enjoy playing video games much anymore either or watching media. But there are some things that do keep me occupied, feel less bored. I mentioned somewhere else I'm a sensory person, so I love collecting perfume oils. Great memories can attach to a smell too. But I also like collecting & reading horror manga/books, looking at niche artwork, listening to music & podcasts, & answering questions here on Reddit. Hell, I don't have much else to do! I wish you well, & hope this inspires you with ideas!

  5. I think a big part of the problem is that I can’t just do things. If I’m not interested by it I can’t find the means to do it. I bought a Nintendo switch and multiple games that I can’t play because I start and then get bored and extremely restless and agitated. I can’t program anymore because of the same reasons. I don’t have the same eye for photography that I used to and socialization feels so forced. I don’t feel depressed, and I definitely think this is anhedonia but it’s also much worse, it’s like my brain is no longer able to recognize a reward. I’ve been trying to remain sober (I used to struggle with alcohol really badly) but it’s very difficult when I know that’s something that at least makes me feel something. It’s like I’m losing the ability to feel emotions at all, and it’s slowly getting worse. All I feel is agitation and restlessness or the lack of. Very frustrating. Hopefully it gets better for both of us.

  6. Nothing helps me. Med change, combinations. Only thing that helps me is to travel. Being honest just seeing or doing something else is about the only way I keep from committing suicide. The fact that there's something new or different.

  7. Unfortunately traveling is out of the cards for me, and I get very anxious being away from home too long. I’m sorry you’re stuck with this too, hopefully you can continue to travel to keep the void at bay.

  8. Mental capacity has being lowered sometimes I forget what I just did, before my manic episodes I had better memory now I'm older and I want to back to school but I feels it's to late that's what bothers me everyday that my family wanted me off the meds , every episode lowered my IQ, I hate myself.

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