What are psych wards like in the time of COVID?

  1. Where I am there’s not much difference from what it’s usually like, except the staff wear masks and we have to keep 1 meters distance. And we’re not allowed to grab food by ourselves, the staff have to grab it for us and put it on our plates

  2. Was in psyche ward +18 months ago. No student nurses to talk to. Was only allowed one visitor the entire time and visitor had to wear mask entire time. Masks for patients was highly encouraged but not mandatory

  3. Everyone wears masks. They COVID test you before you go in. They won’t let you have visitors because of COVID risks. If you never been to one before my advice is go if you really and only need to go.

  4. I was put in my own room in the psych ward then I had a violent episode and was sent to jail. They didn't really abide by the covid guidelines

  5. I work in one in the UK and our patients have visitors but only in the waiting room and they leave via fire exit.

  6. They are fine, We have a mask mandate in my county and I was aloud one visitor at a time and they had to wear a mask. Other wise it was fine, I had to wear a mask the whole time and if you got sick you had to be quarantined in your room. I didn't get sick though and I was there in January. I don't remember my first couple days there but after that it was mostly just boredom. Oh we also had to eat in our rooms.

  7. When I was hospitalized in 2020, no visitors were allowed, everyone had to wear masks all the time (except in your room), there was a glass partition at the nurses' station, and pet therapy was cancelled. (I was really bummed about that one!) We were also tested for COVID at admission.

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