The Bardahl drug village on 53rd has pallet palaces with generators, rigged security cameras, fully stocked pantries, stacks of chopped bicycles, and a sign saying: "If you are on my porch without my permission, I'm going to mace you and beat your b!7ch a$$."

  1. Its a huge money generator for way too many. "Non profits" profit greatly. Sadly many people would be out of jobs if this was actually addressed.

  2. Their excuse is "not enough resources"... the reality is the city loves this shit because it allows them to ask for more money to waste on useless programs that don't work so they can line their pockets.

  3. Ya look at all the people around to be afraid of? They’re homeless not serial killers. It’s wild u would probably feel cozy as fuck in a mansion, Epstein mansion tho?

  4. Because they don’t usually bother people, they want to be left alone just like you do, hence the sign on the door, use your common sense

  5. Imagine if that guy put his energy into building something at a job, following instructions at work, showing up on time without causing problems, all the basic steps we follow every day. He's clearly intelligent, he clearly can organize his things and follow a plan.

  6. Obviously if someone can build that, they could do a variety of labor jobs, such as dragging materials to job sites, removing garbage, etc. I’m not saying that structure looks great, but it obviously took some work.

  7. Turn screen bottom container on its side and use water cannons to sweep it all in to it. It would sort of work like salad colander. Give a few minutes notice of course. I am trucker and local property owner. I will drive the water canon as volunteer.

  8. Not Houseless. Urban, New-age Pioneers carving out their settlement in the concrete wilderness.

  9. Oh those poor souls. Someone should rush a hot meal over to them. Maybe even cook it in front of them, with a carelessly held flamethrower.

  10. This is fascinating and sad at the same time. Especially seeing that Range Rover parked like seriously?

  11. If you are on “their” property? Wtf.. that person does not have property. The city owns that sidewalk. These people are fucking ridiculous and taking over. A friends house is on a corner in downtown and the sidewalk across the street is taken over just like this. It is insane.

  12. Oh the irony of their signs. 🤡 we've literally entered clown world...and funding all of this at rate of $837,000 per homeless person. Welcome to democrat utopia.

  13. Yes it is obvious they are all on drugs! They all choose to live this way it's not like not a single one might have been laid off and then covid hit and then couldn't get a job! Not like it's easy to get a job when you don't have the money to go to have a planet fitness subscription to shower. And don't forget any nice clothes you might have had are ruined from the weather. Right I could wash them for 2 dollars but now I can't eat and dang didn't get that job because I could have smelled funny damn why did my parents have to pass right when I started college. And the distress caused me to start failing so I dropped out to save my gpa.... wait no there is no way that some actually struggle. And it so helps when judgmental people act this way because omg we hate the unfortunate and we hate poor people. "There are plenty resources for the less fortunate" right but not enough to go around. I mean these "drug dens" never couple be a group of people in similar situations protecting themselves. CLEAN THE STREETS!

  14. Yet if a neighbor sees construction materials outside my house, where I paid over $500/mo in property taxes, they call the city to make sure I have a permit. It’s not about public safety in the least. It’s about extracting money from those of us dumb enough to earn a living.

  15. My question is where are the actual residents? I see all the shanty towns but never a live body occupying them? I mean the camera person clearly stood on that person’s porch and no one was home.

  16. Gee this looks like something out of the, The Walking Dead. How did Seattle end up like this, it wasn’t like this a decade ago.

  17. What do the homeowners and apt renters do across the street? Like how can you leave your home? I would be so paranoid they would try break in and steal stuff.

  18. Time to do what Boston does give people notice to relocate to housing and then bring in front and loaders to clear all this crap off the street. They do not control the sidewalks those are public assets. Take the tents and shove them into a garbage truck. That’s exactly what they did in Boston and then they brought in street cleaners to wash down the sidewalks

  19. Looks likes peoples homes to me, so would you guys feel better if they did and sold three drugs inside of apartment will that make y’all feel better, because I’m not really sure what y’all expect

  20. If these tents look like “peoples homes” to you and you can’t find any issues with that, then I must say that you’re a part of the problem. Your misplaced compassion enables such ghouls. They need sobriety, not hugs.

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