What's the Deal with Bilal?

  1. I think one of the things that drives us in this case is all these strange subcases and this is definitely one of them. I think you did a good summary.

  2. The nature of Bilal and Adnan's relationship has to be questioned. On the surface, it appears that Bilal presents as a classic abuser - ingratiating himself with younger people, doing favors such as buying phones etc.

  3. A few other things about Bilal. After his grand jury testimony, the cops knew there was something shady about him. I’m doing this from memory, so please don’t hold me to exact dates. On or about April 14, 1999, the day Adnan was formally indicted, the detectives working Adnan’s case subpoenaed Bilal’s cell records. The cell carrier, Sprint, seeing that this was a government-issued number reached out to the DEA task force officer on the account who on or about April 20, 1999 contacted the detectives to see why they requested a dump of that number. The detectives likely told the DEA task force guy that the user may have been involved in a murder. The DEA guy consented and Sprint produced the records to the DEA agent (actually the guy is a Baltimore cop who was working on the DEA task force for a high intensity drug trafficking area (HIDTA)) on or about April 30, 1999 who then passed the records to the detectives. Bottom line: it appears that Bilal was working as a criminal informant for the DEA. My guess is that his pedophile tendencies got him caught and he worked out a deal to work as a CI. This would also explain how he was sprung so quickly after his Oct, 1999 arrest and how he managed to stay out of trouble for the next decade and a half until law enforcement could no longer look the other way. Take a look at Bilal’s cell records for yourself. If there is another explanation of why the DEA had to intervene and why this dental student’s cell was under a government account, lay it on me.

  4. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/crime/bs-md-ci-cr-adnan-syed-note-hae-min-lee-20221101-52zrc3bryfctti77ixvrydewgq-story.html

  5. Just a theory here, what if Bilal mollested both Jay and Adnan. Then Bilal kills Hae Min Lee cause Adnan told Hae Min Lee about the abuse and recruits Jay to help him. Jay and Bilal decide to pin it on Adnan. This way, Adnan really wouldn't know what went down but doesn't want to incriminate Bilal cause he's ashamed of the abuse.

  6. So is the implication that Bilal was involved with Hae's murder? If so what would the motive be? Also I'm fascinated the idea that Saad was involved somehow - I had not heard that theory before. I would love to hear a summary of the evidence pointing to this if anyone would be so kind as to indulge me while I pop my popcorn and continue watching this amazing circus.

  7. I have read other theories that speculate Adnan was one of Bilal’s victims. Adnan told Hae what was going on. Hae told him he needs to tell someone else (family, authorities, leaders at mosque, etc) of the pedophilic relationship. Adnan panics and tells Bilal. That gets the ball rolling on getting rid of Hae somehow. There were a lot more details in the theory I read to account for jay’s role but I couldn’t recount them without getting some of it wildly wrong.

  8. Your timelines actually mischaracterize the whole Bilal subpoena issue by stating incorrectly that a corrected subpoena had to be filed. It also appears to be missing

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