Can somebody explain to me who Bilal is and why he would have motive to possible kill Hae? I keep seeing his name but I don’t understand the connection. Thank you.

  1. I've never figured out what problems Hae was supposed to be causing for Adnan that would warrant Bilal wanting to kill her. Adnan killing Hae as a jilted/jealous ex I get as far as motive, Bilal killing her I do not get the motive.

  2. The note is definitely about Adnan and not Bilal. Bilal is just a scapegoat by the innocence project’s sycophants. It’s so fucking weak and despicable to use this as evidence of Adnan’s innocence and, by implying the guilt of another person, it’s doing exactly to that person (accusing them with the most-flimsy of erícenle) that with they purport to be against.

  3. Bilal is a guy that anyone remotely connected to this case, or community, points the finger at as someone that had a role in it, except those that want Adnan to appear innocent to the public. Those that insist he is innocent, as if they have a financial stake in it, steer clear from blaming Jay and Bilal. Super weird.

  4. He was a or the youth leader at the mosque, and Adnan's spiritual mentor. He's also who was supposed to have worked with Adnan on the evening of the 13th to prepare for his reading from the Quran on the 14th.

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