Going small! Undecided between the NR200P Max or the Lian Li Q58. My thoughts below:

  1. I’ll look into these. Should I sell my current AIO that I use in my mid tower and go with air cooling? I just hate the fact that I can’t mount the radiator up top with the regular NR200P! Thanks for replying!

  2. Is it at all better than the 2 I mentioned, it was the 3rd choice on my list but I ruled it out early on. Do you use one of these bad boys?

  3. The Q58 is about 4-5L smaller than the NR200, so it's not unexpected to have higher temps with the same hardware. This extra space and full mesh panels in the NR200 will make things much easier to cool. The extra space will also help with clean cable management. If they release the Q58 with full mesh sides or release those panels to be bought separately, I think it will be competitive with the NR200 (the meshlicious is, even with much fewer fans installed, and the Q58 looks essentially like a horizontal meshlicious)

  4. Hey, they actually do sell mesh panels separately allowing for a full mesh setup. I might just go with the Q58 after all!

  5. Yeah I looked into this further I think the Q58 is the better option for me at least! Already pre ordered, now just waiting for them to ship the case

  6. I went with the Q58 and it’s been the best PC related decision I’ve ever made! It’s small enough, yet I have my best parts in it. It runs cool too for the size! I love it, are you deciding between the two?

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