The Lian Li Q58!

  1. quick question about the side panels, could you have on one side glass top with mesh bottom and on the other side mesh top with glass bottom? a couple reviews i've seen mention that this is the best method to order your panels but a few other reviews that say you can't orient them like that

  2. Beautiful! Very jealous—I have one on preorder on Newegg but it just got pushed out to the 8th :’( Also, got tripped up on the reflection pics ngl lol

  3. I’ve heard the temps are worse in one of the YouTube reviews. Can confirm cpu runs hot in the Q58 based on my own system even with 240mm AIO but GPU temps are pretty good.

  4. Oh shit that looks better than I thought it would. I'm torn between this and the NR200P Max. I was pretty unconvinced with many of the techtuber reviews, mainly because they didn't seem to try very hard on making the internals look nice. You did a good job.

  5. I love it, it's such a sharp looking case. Per chance, do you have any experience with the Sliger SM580? It's down to these two cases for me and I'm curious your preference 😀

  6. Unfortunately, this is my first ITX case also, i don't think Sliger is sold here in my country so i wouldn't know.

  7. SM580 is an awesome case and pretty easy to build in. In the end, I chose the NR200 because my loads are more CPU heavy and the cooling of CPU is fantastic with an AIO. The GPU temps did take a hit though...

  8. I have the SM580 but currently use the FormD T1. The Sm580 is a bit bigger than this case and can fit a 280mm radiator up top and 2 140mm on the bottom plus has space for two SSD's in the front of the case and room to cram some cables in it if you intend to have alot of rgb in your case. Overall its a great case but I just wanted to downsize a bit.

  9. Haven’t done any actual benchmarks but I did game on it for awhile, CPU temps were hovering in the mid 60s to low 70s after long usage. GPU temps 55c~65c average

  10. I’d recommend a slim 120mm fan for easy installation. Even with the upper SFX position the wires are pretty close to the blades but there is sufficient height to do a standard 25mm thick fan and if you really squeeze it maybe the Phanteks F120T30 as I’ve measured over 30mm clearance to the GPU.

  11. Wait, how did you put the rad on top? I thought it only admitted 304mm, which is less than the 313mm of your rad.

  12. Definitely works as I have it installed in mine. 240 rads fit perfectly, 280 rads may hit the front SATA cage and will need to be mounted from the fan side.

  13. Looks great! I just got mine delivered by newegg on Monday. I'm waiting for the weekend to transfer my pc over from my current Thermaltake P1 case over to this one.

  14. This is almost my exact build except I’m gonna snag a 3080FE at Best Buy in about 14 hours, and I went 2TB 970 EVO + for the m.2. First new gaming PC in about 15 years, I’m hyped.

  15. my preorder was just postponed. yay. nice to see people getting them and getting good results though.

  16. Was wondering if it was possible at all to put the glass at the bottom and mesh at the top on the CPU side, and the glass on the top mesh on the bottom on the GPU side. Someone on this sub was telling me it’s not possible! Would appreciate the input

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