Anyone else tried going back to full ATX?

  1. Probably not. I think all the extra space is just gonna give me anxiety now lol. The NR200 is the biggest I’ll go.

  2. Nope. I see absolutely no reason to get a bigger system. Already running 12700k and 3090 at sub 10L. 4000 series should work just fine within same case.

  3. I didn’t go back to ATX but I did go with a much larger ITX case after having a DAN A4 and NCase. I settled on a Lian Li Q37. Been happy with it too, despite the excessive glass exterior my temps were better and noise is lower.

  4. I had a O11 system that I parted with for a NR200P build and I haven’t looked back. I was able to cram (emphasis on cram) a Strix 3090 in the NR200 that worked shockingly well. I’d like to assume that 4000 cards would be okay in some cases. It’s also contingent on SFX PSU’s with enough wattage on the market.

  5. Did you forget about microATX? There's no need to go ATX if you feel ITX is too cramped for you. Personally I'm never going back to ATX, even if I were to use an 800 W graphics card.

  6. I am moving my main rig back to a "larger" case but still staying ITX. Moving from FormD T1 -> Ncase M1 so I don't have to deal with any pcie 4.0 riser cables and also to take advantage of internal usb-c header.

  7. I hear you. I’m moving from the ThorZone MJOLNIR R(Sorry ThorZone) to a NR200 due to thermal complications with my upgrade I made in December ‘21/January ‘22, being the EVGA XC3 Ultra RTX 3080. With a 9600K at stock tunes and NH-L9i running with a EVGA RTX 2070 Black Gaming, I was getting sub-70°C overall, and just swapping the GPU out drastically increased temps(expected it honestly), up to 10-15°C higher. I thought about undervolting but didn’t feel comfortable with it, so I figured I’d make a new roadmap to stay within SFF parameters but have a more proper spacing/setup. I mean, yes the NR200 is like nearly 2x the size of the MJOLNIR, volume wise, but I get a chance to have properly spaced hardware for potentially better temperatures to ensure a healthy operating temperature.

  8. Thinking about it for these next gen GPUs that are sustained pulling 600w allegedly. We'll see what that shakes out to be

  9. That’s what I was thinking for, but I can’t see how gpu technology can just keep needing more and more power, surely there’s a point where they’re gonna need to make them more efficient rather than just throw power at them.

  10. Yo-yo between machines. Sometimes I really need the connectivity of an ATX board with a 3090, 5900x, stack of platters and two LAN ports to chew through work.

  11. I did try a Lian Li build with 400x and a Fractal Torrent but realized all those fans or all those massive fans did nothing but add noise with very little benefit to temps when compared to good airflow ITX options.

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