Is this going to kill my new 3080?

  1. Kinda, in the sense of destroying it, no your GPU won't let that happen. In the sense of destroying your performance potentially. If your GPU can't get air it can't cool down. If it runs hot it throttles performance to prevent damage.

  2. Little confused as to whether this is a temporary solution or what exactly you're trying to accomplish? Some more context is needed.

  3. It's an open air case. The 3080 has very little space between it and the part of the case right under it.

  4. Bruh... First of all, we cannot help you if those are the photos we have to work with. At first, I had ZERO idea what you were even referring to, in regards to why your GPU died.

  5. Lol I turned it on and immediately the whole thing powers up then after a second it turns off. The 3080 has four red LEDs come on next to the PCIe power connectors.

  6. Ok so I've finally gotten some time to actually turn the PC on in the past half hour. The fans appear to do what they are supposed to. Half the time I'm using the PC, they aren't running. It's only when I do any thing graphically intensive that they do start running.

  7. Mechanical engineer with experience in fluid dynamics here. If I were to say “it’s a bad idea”, would you change it? Chances are, no.

  8. I know this setup is not close to ideal. I created this thread mainly to see if anyone else has run a similar setup with similar limitation.

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