Flying with my NR200P at Sky Harbor.

  1. It's the YorePek 50L bag but make sure you get the 18.4" size if you are shopping on Amazon it's a checkbox to the right of the picture there's 2 options 17" and 18.4" make sure you get 18.4" or the NR200 won't fit i've already made this mistake. You're welcome NR200 bro's.

  2. I have a couple of DJ trolley bags that are perfect for carrying my nCase M1 with my KB / Mouse / Cables. It fits perfectly, has really good padding and has removable velcro strips to create compartments for different size cases. I have a Magma bag -

  3. My bad lol I saw you were the first comment on this and I linked it but the comment didn’t get approved until last night

  4. I got stopped at the Calgary airport under suspicion of a bomb with an h80i v2. Got my pc and bags swabbed but that's all that happened. Still made my flight. Flew with that aio probably 50 times total with no other issues except the occasional question. Air cooler is pretty much guaranteed no hassle though.

  5. When was this? A few years ago? I remember a couple of tweekers being arrested and having hundreds of bags that they had stolen from sky harbor. Edit:

  6. I feel like as a brown man, the second I try to bring a computer with me on to a plane tsa will send me to a back room and I'll never be seen again... For at least 30 minutes.

  7. As a brown person, I agree. For some reason I get pulled aside for (almost) all random security checks.

  8. Assuming it was carry-on, right? Any issues? I'm also in AZ and curious how difficult it'd be to take my briefcase PC.

  9. Yeah carry on no issues at all. Fit right underneath the seat in front of me too with enough room for my feet so i didn’t have to put it in overhead

  10. It's just a huge computer case, maybe it made sense in the Velka 5 case? I have a server in the NR200P case and it is huge, I did not calculate the dimensions well, I think to change the case to something smaller

  11. I was able to take my MicroATX mini tower with me through Sky Harbor a couple weeks ago. Barely fit in my bag but didn’t have to take it out. No hassle at all!

  12. Very nice and snug! I’m looking into possibly getting a pelican case or something along the lines for my future itx build

  13. i'll be travelling with my nr200 for the first time, a few questions; Do you put in foam to support your gpu and other components?; What about the PSU, do you have to take it out and transport it separately?

  14. I want to bring GPU into UK (3080) would customs stop me? Should I carry it in check in bag or carry on?

  15. yeah, good idea to remove GPU before taking on a plane or something that GPU ain't surviving baggage bro's lol

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