MR918 frame with agency slide. T1C holster

  1. I love the SRO. I have one on my MR920 also. The bigger window makes it really easy to pick up the dot when drawing or doing quick drills.

  2. What gen slide do you use and do you use the factory shadow systems trigger or did you swap that out am cerious as to what all I can run on mine and have been toying with the same idea a little

  3. I used gen 4 slide. Initially I used a stock Glock trigger that I had which worked fine. I swapped that out and used a timney that also worked fine. Right now I have a shadow systems trigger that I got used on gafs me it also runs fine. It also had all oem upper and lower internals. Shoots great but is slightly heavier than my MR920.

  4. I've been carrying a 509tgr-x2 on my mr920 in a Trex arms sidecar 2.0 for a while now. But I really like the SRO. Debating on getting one, but I just can't decide if I want it to go on a shadow or maybe my Gucci flush fit comp 320 build I'm working on

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