Shadow systems blow up due to bad ammo

  1. Sorry I don’t know how to post multiple items on the same post but I’l be posting the other videos I have to go along with it it’s very similar to what happened in Kentucky ballistics video I tried sending it to him but wouldn’t open my messages 😂 also sending to Brandon herra for gun meme review. Apologize for all my spelling mistakes and everything I am dyslexic but also my hand is good. Just a cut really.

  2. I loaded it from the top because I was reloading the same round that had the light primer strike I didn’t feel like loading it into a mag for one round lol. And shadow systems fixed it but I had to pay for it but I didn’t pay for it the guy who reloaded the ammo payed for it.


  4. I mean are you are really trying to blame the gun manufacturer for your choice in ammo selection? If the round already did not fire why keep trying it instead of chambering another round? Curious is all.

  5. Not blaming the gun at all this is 100% ammo I re chambered the round because this was taken April 3rd 2021 and I bought 100 rounds of ammo for $109 from where I had got the gun. A shadow systems is basically a modified glock so when it went click instead of bang being reloaded ammo I thought maybe it was a hang fire so I kept the gun pointed in a safe direction then unloaded to inspect the round to see that the primer had been struck. I had assumed it was a light primer strike because like I said modified glock you sometime have to lighten the striker spring so I re chambered my $1 9mm and sent her😂 now the rest is history

  6. Holy shit, glad you weren’t seriously injured. What happened to your gun? And why did you drop the cartridge back into the chamber?

  7. So a shadow systems is basically a modified glock so I had thought that maybe it was a light striker spring and so it was a light primer strike so I even said in the video it was a light primer strike and well I paid $100 for the 100 rounds so I’m shooting all of them😂

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