I would like to promote someone but idk if they're worth a soul

  1. Many classes such as Knights, Dancers & Geomancers don't need a soul. Priority should be given to the early weaker tier classes needed for the elemental barriers in end-game.

  2. Bess is good but merryl will be better with a bit of luck. As others have said, marksmen is gold. Heck mine has marksmen AND Gun master and it's awesome.

  3. The promotion does not increase skill odds. Slot 1 always has a 83.3% / 12.5% / 4.2% chance to be Common / Rare / Epic regardless of class or promotion status. The only thing that affects skill rarity is the slot itself - higher slots have a higher chance to be Epic.

  4. Bess, Cheryl, Treesha, Fayla, Francesca, and Shayla don't need a Soul because these classes can all do their jobs just fine unpromoted. Skills could use some work here and there, but that's a different topic.

  5. Yeah after I build a good wanderer I'm gonna maybe go for a Druid. I just dont know if tank Druid or damage, I have a tank one that idk if I should soul.

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